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Will Marijuana Flavoured E-Liquids Affect E-Cigarette Regulation?

Will Marijuana Flavoured E-Liquids Affect E-Cigarette Regulation?

Will Marijuana Flavoured E-Liquids Affect E-Cigarette Regulation?

There are three important reasons why people make the transition from traditional smoking to e-liquid vapour inhalation. The first reason deals with health concerns. If you continue to smoke tobacco on a daily basis, you will put your lungs at risk of suffering from cancer that may go on to kill you. The second reason why people feel that e-cigarettes are a better option is because this product has the potential to save smokers $1,800 annually if they decide to quit smoking and not touch cigarettes again. $1,800 can make a huge difference in a person’s life. The third and final reason why people find e-cigarettes more appealing than traditional cigarettes is because e-liquids are available in a number of different exciting flavours. But can a particular e-liquid flavouring be controversial enough to affect government regulations on e-cigarettes? Let’s find out.

Marijuana Flavoured E-Liquid

Anybody who has tried out flavoured e-liquids will know that the manufacturers of this product like to get quite imaginative with their creations. This is why you have cheesecake flavoured e-liquids in the market, which are an absolute delight for vapers. However, the creativity with flavours can get a little out of hand at times. This is why we have something as outrageous as marijuana flavoured e-liquids in the market today!

Most people are well aware of the fact that marijuana is an extremely controversial topic of discussion. There are people who would do anything to get their hands on marijuana flavoured e-liquids and then there are those who try to stay as far away from it as possible. Marijuana always brings up mixed reactions from the consumers. However, what is really important here is to find out how the authorities are going to respond to this new flavour of e-liquids in the market. Will this be of little concern to them or will they use marijuana flavoured e-liquids as an excuse to tighten the regulations on e-cigarettes?

How Will It Affect People’s Perception of E-Liquid Vapour Inhalation?

The marijuana flavoured e-liquid is currently being manufactured by a Dutch company that goes by the name of E-Njoint. The name pretty much gives away the description of their product. Consumers are labelling the product as more of a flavoured “e-joint” than a marijuana flavoured e-cigarette. The arrival of this product in the market has added fire to the fuel in the sense that the controversies surrounding e-cigarettes will only increase with the popularity of this product. There are already people in the world who believe that e-cigarettes are very similar to illicit drugs (there is no evidence whatsoever to suggest that) and the presence of marijuana flavoured e-liquids will only serve to strengthen that belief. In lay man’s terms, the general impression that people have of e-liquids and e-cigarettes is likely to not improve if the so called e-joint keeps taking over the market.

What Is the E-Joint Made of?

There aren’t too many differences between the chemical composition of ordinary e-liquids and that of the e-joint. Similar to every other e-liquid in the world, the e-joint comprises of propylene glycol or glycerine, water and flavouring. However, the difference lies in the quantity of nicotine. As a matter of fact, there is no nicotine used in the production of the e-joint. According to a statement released by E-Njoint, the e-join contains no traces of nicotine, THC, CBD, tars or other toxins. They claim that the product is 100% legal and is fully compliant with the FDA rules and regulations. They have also stated that e-joint can be manufactured, distributed and consumed legally in states where marijuana is illegal. That being said, the people who inhale the vapour of this e-liquid will still experience the “high like” feeling that they get from smoking marijuana. According to what the company claims, the vapour has a cannabis aroma and flavour.

Is There Anything Fishy Going On?

A product that claims to get people high without containing an ounce of marijuana will raise a lot of eyebrows and garner a truck load of attention. People cannot be blamed for thinking that the new marijuana flavoured e-liquid is too good to be true. However, at this moment in time, there is no research or tests to validate claims about the product being illegal or potentially hazardous. In fact, the absence of nicotine makes it a more appealing vaping option for vapers who want to detach themselves from this addictive substance. Some experts have claimed that e-joints, much like e-cigarettes, can help smokers to quit using cannabis. There are also no addictive or illegal chemical substances that are being used in the production of the marijuana flavoured e-liquid.

How Will the Government Respond?

Technically, the government has little reason to tighten the e-cigarette regulations due to the introduction of marijuana flavoured e-liquids into the market. However, if concerns about this product continue to persist, then it will probably be pulled off the shelf. The withdrawal of this particular e-liquid should not affect the production of other e-liquids that have no relation to cannabis whatsoever. Thus, vapers who are not planning to use marijuana flavoured e-liquids need not be concerned about a change in e-cigarette regulations.