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Why Do E-Liquids Develop a Burnt Taste and What Can You Do About It?


For an extraordinary and exhilarating vaping experience, you need to concentrate on getting two things absolutely spot on. The first is the hardware of the e-cigarette that you are using. This should not be too big of a problem as long as you have decent knowledge of all the various types of hardware components that are available in the market for your vaping device. The second thing that you need to focus on is the quality of the e-liquid that you are vaping. Just because you paid a premium price for an e-liquid product does not mean that you are going to enjoy premium quality. There could be many reasons for this. Firstly, some e-liquids are simply overpriced and overrated. They are labelled and sold off as premium products because there is a demand for high quality e-liquids in the market. You certainly cannot expect manufacturers to lower the price of their goods when consumers are willing to pay more.

Price mechanisms aside, the main reason why premium or high quality e-liquids do not always allow you to enjoy an incredible vaping session is because the taste of these products actually deteriorates overtime. It is not uncommon for vapers to come across e-liquid products that give off a bitter and burnt taste. If you are looking to experience a pleasant vaping session, this is a major problem that you need to address.

The burnt or bitter taste could be caused by a number of things. Learning about these causes will help you to prevent your e-liquid from going bad and ruining your vaping sessions. Here are four scenarios that could be responsible for the nasty, burnt taste of your e-liquid:

1) Your E-Liquid Has a Poor Shelf Life

The longevity of a product is something that the consumer needs to take into account when purchasing perishables such as e-liquids. You should treat your e-liquids no different from how you treat your beverages (but do not end up drinking your e-liquids because you might poison yourself). You are not going to buy a can of beverage that is going to go bad within a couple of days. Similarly, you should not buy e-liquid bottles unless they are going to last quite a while before being used. With more than 400 brands in charge of manufacturing e-liquid products, there are hundreds of items out there that are well below par in terms of quality. E-liquid products that develop a nasty, burnt taste within a short period of time are the worst of the lot. Never spend your hard earned money on such products. Even if these products are stored properly, they are bound to develop an unpleasant taste and kill your vaping experience after a short while.

2) Your Battery and Unit Has Not Been Warmed Up Properly

There are e-cigarettes out there that run on manual batteries. If you happen to use one, then you are probably aware of the fact that you need to hold down the button before taking a puff. If you forget to hold down the button before vaping, then you are going to experience a burnt taste. In addition to that, your e-cigarette will not produce any vapour.

It is very important to hold the button down for some time after you have switched the unit on. Do not take your first puff without holding down the button. Pressing the button allows the unit to get warmed up. If holding down the button does not get rid of the burnt taste, then you are probably running low on e-liquid. Make sure that the tank is adequately filled before you begin your vaping sessions.

3) Your Automatic Battery Is Taking Too Long to Warm Up

It is common for e-cigarettes with automatic batteries to take a pretty long time before they get warmed up properly. If it is not as warm as it should be, you are going to end up with a bitter taste in your mouth. This is why it makes sense to take a few test puffs or short puffs to see whether the automatic battery has warmed up or not. Keep taking the short puffs till you can feel no bitter taste. The disappearance of the bitter taste is a sign that the batter has warmed up. You can now take your first big puff of the e-liquid.

4) Your Cartomizer is Defective

A bad cartomizer can completely throw your vaping experience off balance. Some of the latest and most impressive e-cigarettes can come with substandard cartomizers. The presence of such a cartomizer causes the e-liquid to taste burnt and bitter. The reason why this happens is because the filler material suffers partial or complete damage. You need to also be careful about not overfilling your tank as it can make the e-liquid taste bad. Fill 80-85% of it to enjoy the most ideal taste.