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What Different Vaping Grips Say about You

What Different Vaping Grips Say about You

What Different Vaping Grips Say about You

There are some people who believe that vaping is not nearly as charming as smoking a cigarette is. They will tell you that holding a cigarette in between the fingers simply looks cooler. In their view, vaping an e-cigarette makes you look like a person who is going through a whole of trouble just to replicate the smoking experience. These assumptions could not be any further from the truth. Sure, there is a lot more hardware that you need to carry when you are inhaling e-liquid vapour, but that does not necessarily mean that vaping is any less stylish than smoking. The secret to appearing badass and elegant when vaping e-cigarettes lies in the grip.

Different people have different vaping grips. It all depends on the specific preferences of the individual. There is no need to follow one particular style to blend in with the crowd. As long as you are comfortable with your grip, you’ll succeed in coming off as a pretty modish vaper. Since the vaping grip you have is based on your preferences as a consumer, there is a lot that can be found out about yourself through this grip. In fact, the keen observers out there can tell plenty about an individual’s personality through his or her vaping grip.

The way you hold the grip is not going to affect the quality of the vapour that comes out of the e-liquid. That being said, the grip can still make a big difference to your overall vaping experience, especially if you prioritize comfort above everything else. The following is a list of the four most common vaping grips and what they say about your personality.

1) The Old School Cigarette Hold

The reason why this grip is referred to as the old school cigarette hold is because it resembles the most common grip with which people hold on to traditional cigarettes. This is the kind of grip that you will observe in a lot of smokers who are new to vaping. The old school grip suggests that they are still not quite over their smoking days and want their e-cigarettes to give them the same sensation that their cigarettes did. But that is not all that you can deduce from this grip. Whenever you see a person who has placed the e-cigarette between the pointer finger and the middle finger (with both fingers stretched out straight), you can make the assumption that the person has a strong attachment with traditional styles and is not too eager to adopt new trends. Generally, vapers who are aged 40 or more prefer this grip over the others, although they are plenty of young gun vapers out there who’d fancy the old school cigarette hold.

2) The Cigar Grip

Unless you have seen someone smoke a cigar before, you are probably not familiar with this grip at all. The grip itself is not too different from the old school cigarette hold. The difference lies in how the pointer finger is positioned. With the e-cigarette placed firmly between the middle and the pointer finger, the vaper goes on to curl the pointer finger around the e-cigarette. The beauty of this grip is in its association with the cigar. Unlike the cigarette, the cigar is a unique combustible item that is usually possessed by people belonging to the social elite. Therefore, holding the e-cigarette with the cigar grip is likely to make you appear sophisticated, elegant and classy. That being said, you could be perceived as a pretentious socialite since this grip looks much better on cigar users than it does on vapers. If you have been using this grip while vaping, don’t worry. It is okay to be pretentious and a bit cocky at times.

3) The Masculine Grip

There are some who believe that vaping is nowhere near as “macho” as smoking. If you want to prove those misinformed people wrong, then you could pull off the masculine e-cigarette grip in front of them. Before we get into the details about the grip, let’s just tell you that you do not need outstanding curves on your body to hold the e-cigarette in a masculine way. Masculinity has a lot more to do than simply biceps and abdominal muscles. To grip this way, you need to place the e-cigarette between the middle finger and the thumb. Besides masculinity, this grip is an indicator of aggression and boldness.

4) The Unusual Grip

It’s called the unusual grip for a good reason. You can hardly see anyone pulling off this grip. It is pretty much the least common way of holding an e-cigarette. You need to place the item between your middle finger and ring finger. Although it sounds a little inconvenient, this grip does have its fair share of benefits. Since the muscle connecting these two fingers is shorter than those connecting the other fingers, it is very easy to keep these fingers close to one another. Besides, if you are the kind of person who wants to stand out from the crowd and appear eccentric, then this is the perfect grip for you. Let the others know how much of a unique individual you are with the unusual e-cigarette grip.