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Ultimate Solution to Top Coil Wicking Problems

No More Wicking Problems or Dry Burnt Hits

Cut a long sliver from a side and make it around the same length as the original wicks, roll up one end very tightly to make it as thin as possible and very carefully push it through the gap between the coils on the atomizer head. Catch the other end and gently pull it through and twist while avoiding displacing the coils, once it’s through, ensure neither coil is in contact with the casing when you’re done. You can use a needle to carefully thread it through. Once it’s pulled through simply unravel and fluff up the cotton and then cut each side about a 1/4″ shorter than the original wicks.

When you fill it, leave it to soak into the cotton for 10 minutes before vaping. Then you can kiss those dry burnt hits good bye, it works like a charm I haven’t had one dry or burnt tasting hit since. I’ll admit it’s not the prettiest solution, but aesthetics are of little importance to me if I can’t get a consistently good vape.

I recommend organic cotton because it’s grown pesticide free. Rinsing the cotton gauge with boiling water is important because all processed cotton is treated with various chemicals such as bleaching agents.

In an ideal world all vaping supplies would work perfectly out of the box, but that’s just not how it is unfortunately. To get the best out of your vaping hardware, sometimes a willingness to tweak and adjust is required. A little change that can be done with very little effort can make a huge improvement. With that said, the iclear 30 has a well documented list of problems that various users

As far as the iclear 30 and leaks are concerned, I haven’t had any issues with mine, I fill it just below the fill line. Otherwise juice will inevitably leak through the atomizer head and out the bottom. Just don’t overfill and you shouldn’t have any issues. I don’t pay any special attention as to what position or where I leave my e-cig and I haven’t experienced any leaks. I suspect a portion of the problems widely reported are sometimes down to an unwillingness to tinker and adjust how they use their hardware. With that said, verying issues are well documented and I don’t think all of these can be atributed to people not using it properly. The good news is if you buy the MVP you’re most likely getting the 30 bundled with it. I wouldn’t recommend going out and buying one separately because you may not be as lucky as I was with it.

If you’re still experiencing problems with your iClear 30 after reading this tip, please feel free to comment or leave a question below for advice and I’ll be glad to try and sort out your woes.

I’m not going to write a full review on the iClear 30 as you’ll find Google’s index is already saturated with them, all I’ll say is it performs admirably for a top coil clearo, providing you use it right and you’re willing to tinker with it. The main area where it lets itself down is with flavor, it’s far more muted compared to the likes of the Pro Tank. Due to number of widely reported issues and varying experiences with the iclear 30, I would recommend the iclear 30s/b over the 30 for a better tasting and hassle free vape.


  1. It works, thanks for this. I damaged a new coil head on my first attempt, oops! I started to notice wicking problems with eliquids under 70% pg. Now the question is which clearo to choose to replace it. Could you recommend something else, the 30s looks quite big.

    • Hey Dan,

      Brilliant, glad it did the trick. I got the kayfun light recently and it’s great. That said, I’m actually mostly using carto tanks again. I got a Kamry X8 clone with stainless steel and using boge cartos. Though I’m looking at other options such as the killer v2. I swapped out the plastic for a pyrex tube off another tank. You’ll need standard sized cartos and I strongly recommend Boge.

      It looks a lot better on the MVP than the likes of the 30s. Otherwise the mini Pro Tank (3 is out now) is quite small but it’s about the same length as the 30s. The mini Davide tank is worth investigating too, I’ve read some excellent feedback (only complaint I’ve read is muted flavor) on it but haven’t gotten around to testing it out yet.

      Happy vaping!

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