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Ultimate Solution to Top Coil Wicking Problems

Solution for top coil wicking problems

I recently bought the iTaste MVP 2.0, bundled with iClear 30. For a long time I stuck to the old reliable set up of carto tanks with LR Boge cartomizers. I just had too many negative experiences with lots of new and improved clearomizers. It bugs me a little when vaping hardware doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to.

I had zero expectations of the iClear 30, actually that’s not entirely true. I expected it to be crap. The reality is I’m blown away by how well mine performs for a top coil clearo, so much so I’ve even ordered the 30s from slowtech, as I’ve read great reports. It’s not as good for taste as the pro tank but supposedly more reliable.

Sadly not everyone’s experience has been as positive as mine with the iClear 30, some people complain of flooding, leaking and wicking issues, I dismissed most of this because I didn’t experience any of it. That is until I ordered an old time favorite of mine, Halo Malibu. I got a string of dry burnt hits on a brand new coil head.

No More Dry Burnt Tasting Hits

This method completely solved my wicking issues and I’m now getting a consistent vape, with slightly better flavor too. You can take this a tip a step further and replace the original wicks with cotton mesh.

What you’ll need…

Organic or sterile 100% cotton mesh.

Some people like to use organic cotton straight out of the pack, but I recommend boiling both organic and sterile at least once before use. Boil the cotton for ten minutes, change the water and then boil for another ten minutes for good measure. Ideally you should use distilled water when boiling, rinsing, or cleaning anything e-cig related.


  1. It works, thanks for this. I damaged a new coil head on my first attempt, oops! I started to notice wicking problems with eliquids under 70% pg. Now the question is which clearo to choose to replace it. Could you recommend something else, the 30s looks quite big.

    • Hey Dan,

      Brilliant, glad it did the trick. I got the kayfun light recently and it’s great. That said, I’m actually mostly using carto tanks again. I got a Kamry X8 clone with stainless steel and using boge cartos. Though I’m looking at other options such as the killer v2. I swapped out the plastic for a pyrex tube off another tank. You’ll need standard sized cartos and I strongly recommend Boge.

      It looks a lot better on the MVP than the likes of the 30s. Otherwise the mini Pro Tank (3 is out now) is quite small but it’s about the same length as the 30s. The mini Davide tank is worth investigating too, I’ve read some excellent feedback (only complaint I’ve read is muted flavor) on it but haven’t gotten around to testing it out yet.

      Happy vaping!

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