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A Few eLiquids from Zeus E-Juice Reviewed

Zeus E-Juice Review

Normally I prefer to keep my reviews separate but in this case I’ve tried a few different Zeus flavors and to be honest, they share a lot of similarities and I don’t see the point in typing out the same thing over and over. In terms of throat hit, vapor production and atomizer longevity, they’re roughly on par with one another. You can read the Aphrodite’s Affair review for more information. Juices reviewed using standard resistance (3.0 ohm) boge cartomizers on the MVP 2.0. Both samples provided free of charge by S&Heaven for the purpose of conducting this review. They were left steeping for 2 full weeks.


Dionysus’ Aphrodisiac

No guessing required for this juice as they openly state it’s made from strawberry and vanilla. As soon as I popped the lid off the bottle it brought me straight back to Aphrodite’s Affair, it even looks very similar in color. I’ve never tried any strawberry or vanilla combo that tastes anywhere near as sweet as Zeus’ stuff does. I’ve no cause for complaint with the flavors, it’s quite light and tastes great, but it’s just too sweet and again like more like a concentrated strawberry and vanilla syrup, there’s no way I could this all day. It’s super tart, sweet and like Aphrodite’s affair this is best kept as an occasional desert vape. It’s heavenly with an after meal tea or coffee for a few toots, but that’s as far is it goes for me. To put it into perspective in terms of my vaping habits, I opened a 12ml bottle and loaded up a tank nearly 2 weeks ago, I still have just over half of the bottle left. On average I tend to vape about 30ml per week. A very good occasional vape, but it’s just too sweet for my taste but this will definitely appeal to those who love super sweet flavors.



Poseidon’s Poison

This is a mix of four different fruits with a focus on citrus flavors. I can’t pinpoint each individual fruit but one thing that immediately sprung to mind on my first draw, was lemonade with a dash of strawberry syrup. I’m guessing but I think there’s lemon, lime, strawberry and some other mystery fruit. While it seems to keep with their tradition of producing sweet, syrupy and tart flavors, it’s not as sweet as Aphrodite’s Affair or Dionysus’ Aphrodisiac, which is a good thing because as good as they taste I can’t vape either of them all day. There’s a nice balance of flavor that doesn’t leave you feeling like you’re totally sick of it after prolonged vaping and flavor strength is well balanced. Still, it remains a very sweet vape like most of their eliquids.


Poseidon’s Poison is a tasty and refreshing spring/summer time vape. If you asked me would I recommend it, I’d say yes  if you have a sweet tooth and probably no if you don’t. While I loved it and I’m glad I got to test it out, It’s not one I’ll be buying more of because it just didn’t have enough of a, damn, that’s some good juice factor.


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