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Goodejuice Southern Red eLiquid Review


I’ve been vaping on Southern Red for three days, and here I’ll share the good, bad, and the ugly. But lets start with the basics; I’m running a FUhattan (Manhattan clone) with a Magma RDA (good for flavor not clouds). ...

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Nova Liquides Mighty Hit Review

Nova Liquides Mighty Hit Eliquid Review

  This is another tobacco juice from Nova Liquides. This time from their Nova Absolute range that I received from the good guys at S&Heaven (5% of orders code – ELIQUIDZ). This was vaped using an Eleaf iStick, Kayfun lite with a ...

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Nova Tribeca RY4 (American Beauty Range)

Nova Tribeca RY4 Review

This is the second of three juices that I received from S&Heaven (use code ELIQUIDZ for 5% off all orders) from the Nova Liquides American Beauty range. It is a tobacco juice. As described on the website, this is an RY4 variant. When I ...

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American Beauty Nova E Liquid Boba’s

Nova Eliquides Boba's Review

  The good folk at S&Heaven (use code ELIQUIDZ for 5% off all orders!) sent me out a number of juices from a French manufacturer called Nova Liquides that they are currently stocking. Over the next few weeks I will be posting ...

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Zeus E-Juice Latakia Blend

Zeus Latakia Blend Review

S&Heaven sent me out a bunch of Zeus eliquids to review a while back. Latakia blend ended up at the bottom of the review pile, why you might ask? Well from the bottle it smells like no other juice I’ve tried ...

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The Smoker’s Angel – Halo American Red

The Smokers Angel Halo American Red E-Liquid Review

Next up on the new range of Halo UK premium e-liquids, by The Smoker’s Angel, is Halo American Red. This tobacco flavor is manufactured in the UK, using Chinese flavoring (the rest of their range is all UK sourced and ...

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Highbrow Vapor Tabac de Perique

Highbrow Vapor Perique De Tabac E-liquid Review Preview

This is one of the more interesting and unique tobacco extracts I’ve had the pleasure of sampling. Highbrow vapor describe Tabac de Perique, as a combination of burley and perique tobacco, with an added hint of sweetness. It’s a really ...

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Mom and Pop Vapor 10Forty

Mom and Pop 10Forty E-Liquid Review

Mom and Pop’s 10Forty is touted as a true to name tobacco flavor. This is another juice they have created from tobacco absolute flavoring. Tobacco absolute has some instantly recognizable traits. It’s crisp and dry with a tiny hint of ...

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Mom and Pop Vapor Tobacco Haze

Tobacco Haze

I’ve been very impressed with the mom and pop flavors I’ve reviewed so far and so naturally I had high expectations for tobacco haze. Like with many of their flavors they don’t give a whole lot away in the description, ...

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Mom and Pop Vapor Conspiracy

Mom and Pop Vapor Conspiracy Review

Mom and Pop Vapor have created a cloak and dagger coconut / tobacco conspiracy with this e-liquid! What’s their endgame? It’s anyone’s guess, but I suspect they’re attempting to conceal the presence of natural tobacco extract using advanced flavor technology ...

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T-Juice Cubana

T-Juice Cubana Review

T-Juice Cubana is described as a cigar style flavor.  I am a huge fan of many of their other flavors so I expect a lot from Cubana – flavor wise T-Juice are usually spot on with interesting moreish flavors that ...

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T-Juice Primo Verde

T-Juice Primo Verde Review

This is another quality flavor from the T-juice natural tobacco extract range. They claim that Primo Verde is as close as you can get to the real thing without actually smoking. It’s described as a combination of burley with lighter ...

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Halo Torque 56

Halo Torque 56 Review

Halo Torque 56 is one of the more authentic tasting tobacco flavors in the Halo e-liquid range. With most of their tobacco flavors they tend to have deep nutty characteristics.  For the review I’m using 12mg juice using in low ...

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Hangsen RY4

Hangsewn RY4 E-liquid Revie

Hangsen RY4 is a combination of caramel, tobacco and vanilla. It’s a very popular flavor among new e-cig users. This is because it is an ideal juice to use when you switch from smoking to vaping. It gets you used ...

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Halo Tiki Juice

Halo Tiki Juice Eliquid

Halo Tiki Juice is labeled as a Tahitian tobacco blend. If you were to vape this without the knowledge that it was a tobacco juice, you probably wouldn’t guess it’s a tobacco flavor. As with most Halo e-liquids it’s a ...

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T-Juice Ice Queen

T-Juice Ice Queen Slider

T-Juice Ice Queen is a blend of natural tobacco flavor extract combined with menthol and peppermint crystals. T-Juice use raw organic tobacco leaves for flavor extraction on Cubana, Ice Queen and Primo Verde. The tobacco side of Ice Queen is ...

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Dekang Desert Ship aka Camel

Dekang Desert Ship Camel

This e-liquid from Dekang is a 100% VG base. Personally speaking, I’m not a huge Dekang fan, but this flavor tastes delicious. You can find it labeled on sites as either Dekang camel or desert ship. Flavor and Taste A ...

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