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T-Juice Jack The Ripple

T-Juice Jack The Ripple Review Slider

I’ve been meaning to test out T-Juice’s Jack the Ripple for some time. It was an easy buy when I spotted it on special offer on ezsmoke. They didn’t have my preferred 12mg in stock, but 16mg turned out just ...

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T-Juice Bubble Gun

T-Juice Bubble Gun Slider

No introduction required for this eliquid, pink bubble gum is what it’s all about. T-Juice say that Bubble Gun tastes so good it can bring memories of bygone childhood days flooding back to you. They certainly don’t hold back with ...

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T-Juice Cubana

T-Juice Cubana Review

T-Juice Cubana is described as a cigar style flavor.  I am a huge fan of many of their other flavors so I expect a lot from Cubana – flavor wise T-Juice are usually spot on with interesting moreish flavors that ...

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T-Juice Primo Verde

T-Juice Primo Verde Review

This is another quality flavor from the T-juice natural tobacco extract range. They claim that Primo Verde is as close as you can get to the real thing without actually smoking. It’s described as a combination of burley with lighter ...

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T-Juice Quintessence

T-Juice Quintessence Review Slider

T-Juice Quintessence is described as mystical potion, derived from a blend of brandy, grapes and British herbs. T-Juice use a mix of artificial and natural ingredients in Quintessence and it’s made from an 80/20 PG/VG mix. I used 12 mg ...

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T-Juice Ice Queen

T-Juice Ice Queen Slider

T-Juice Ice Queen is a blend of natural tobacco flavor extract combined with menthol and peppermint crystals. T-Juice use raw organic tobacco leaves for flavor extraction on Cubana, Ice Queen and Primo Verde. The tobacco side of Ice Queen is ...

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