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Nova Chocolicious Review

Nova Malibu Eliquid Review

  Chocolicious is a juice from Nova Liquides American Beauty range. I received a sample of this from S&Heaven for the purposes of conducting a review. As described on the website: “Feel the Caribbean breeze with this e-liquid extremely tasteful. ...

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Doctor Stanley Clark’s Snake Oil Review


S&Heaven sent me out some Doctor Stanley Clark’s original recipe Snake Oil to review. This is the original Snake Oil that is produced by Tmax. The 30 ml size comes in a glass bottle with glass dripper, all the relevant warnings ...

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Nova Tribeca RY4 (American Beauty Range)

Nova Tribeca RY4 Review

This is the second of three juices that I received from S&Heaven (use code ELIQUIDZ for 5% off all orders) from the Nova Liquides American Beauty range. It is a tobacco juice. As described on the website, this is an RY4 variant. When I ...

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A Selection of Juices From Mt Baker Vapor

Mt Baker Vapor Review

  The guys at Mt Baker Vapor very generously sent me out 12 different flavors to sample. Up for review first we have Butterscotch, Cinnamon Roll, Extreme Ice, Guava and Whiteout. These were some of the standout performers (as far ...

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Hangsen Stars and Stripes Mocha

Hangsen Mocha Stars and Stripes

    For the review I’m using the iClear 30s with the MVP 2.0. This is another juice provided free of charge by S&Heaven. These juices are created in China by Hangsen, using flavoring ingredients sourced in the US. It’s ...

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Zeus EJuice Aphrodite’s Affair Review

Zeus Ejuice Aphrodite's Affair Review

Zeus, Aphrodite’s Affair is a flavor creation made from cherry, cream, dark chocolate and strawberry, not a combo I’ve ever tried. In case the name isn’t enough of a clue, they’ve taken on an interesting marketing angle derived from Greek mythology. I ...

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Hangsen Stars and Stripes Cola Review

Hangsen Cola Stars and Stripes Review

This juice is from the Hangsen Stars and Stripes selection, it’s a little more expensive than the standard juices. It’s described as a blue cola, I guess this means Pepsi though they just can’t say it for obvious reasons.   ...

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Highbrow Vapor Caramel Cake

Highbrow Caramel Cake Review

Pink Vaper has already covered Highbrow’s caramel flavor, you can read the review here. As you can see she didn’t hold back any praise for the quality of the flavor. I totally agree with her, it’s up there with some ...

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T-Juice Jack The Ripple

T-Juice Jack The Ripple Review Slider

I’ve been meaning to test out T-Juice’s Jack the Ripple for some time. It was an easy buy when I spotted it on special offer on ezsmoke. They didn’t have my preferred 12mg in stock, but 16mg turned out just ...

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Mom and Pop Vapor Banana Maze

Mom and Pop Vapor Banana Maze Eliquid Review

As I’ve covered a good number of Mom and Pop eliquids, this will be the last one for a while. There’s no ambiguity with Banana Maze, it’s a banana split flavor. For the review I’m using the Innokin iTaste MVP ...

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Mom and Pop Vapor Paradise Delight

Mom and Pop Vapor Paradise Delight Review

I think it’s the name that enticed me into buying this more than anything else! Paradise delight by Mom and Pop vapor is a mixture of apple, banana and pineapple. The review was done using an MVP 2.0 (3.8v and ...

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Mom and Pop Vapor Shredded Hawaiian

Mom and Pop Vapor Shredded Hawaiian Eliquid Review

Shredded Hawaiian is a combination of tropical fruit flavors, created by Mom and Pop Vapor. If it grows on a tree in Hawaii, supposedly it could be found in this eliquid. I’m very fond of most tropical fruit flavor combinations, ...

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The Smoker’s Angel Halo Cherry Bakewell

The Smoker's Angel Halo Cherry Bakewell E-Liquid Review

When I first stumbled across the new range of halo juices, by the Smoker’s Angel, it was the Cherry Bakewell that really piqued my interest. I’ve always had a soft spot for Mr. Kipling’s range of exceedingly good pastries. If ...

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The Smoker’s Angel – Halo Caramel Review

The Smoker's Angel Halo Caramel Review Preview

The Smoker’s Angel have introduced a brand new range of premium UK manufactured e-liquids. This one is a 100% PG base, caramel flavor at 12mg nicotine strength. You can read more about the Smoker’s Angel here. These juices have the added bonus ...

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Mom and Pop Vapor 10Forty

Mom and Pop 10Forty E-Liquid Review

Mom and Pop’s 10Forty is touted as a true to name tobacco flavor. This is another juice they have created from tobacco absolute flavoring. Tobacco absolute has some instantly recognizable traits. It’s crisp and dry with a tiny hint of ...

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Hangsen Peach

Hangsen Peach E-Liquid Review

Hangsen liquids in my opinion are a great option for those on a budget who want a liquid that are a decent all round vape.  Thus far I’ve found this brand to be reliable in terms of consistency in batches, ...

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Hangsen Coconut

Hangsen Coconut e-liquid Review

You get a mixed bag when it comes to Hangsen e-liquids in my experience, some taste great while other flavors can smell and taste like an experimental chemical compound gone wrong. In the case of Hangsen’s coconut, I’m glad to ...

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Mom and Pop Vapor Tobacco Haze

Tobacco Haze

I’ve been very impressed with the mom and pop flavors I’ve reviewed so far and so naturally I had high expectations for tobacco haze. Like with many of their flavors they don’t give a whole lot away in the description, ...

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Mom and Pop Vapor Apple Pie

Mom and Pop Apple Pie E-Liquid Reivew

There’s no mystery in Mom and Pop Vapor’s description of apple pie, they reckon they have managed to bottle up the flavor of apple pie with this flavor creation. It’s a disturbingly accurate description, but it embodies aspects of baked ...

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Mom and Pop Vapor Conspiracy

Mom and Pop Vapor Conspiracy Review

Mom and Pop Vapor have created a cloak and dagger coconut / tobacco conspiracy with this e-liquid! What’s their endgame? It’s anyone’s guess, but I suspect they’re attempting to conceal the presence of natural tobacco extract using advanced flavor technology ...

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Mom and Pop Vapor Butterfly Bait

Mom and Pop's Vapor Shop Butterfly Bait

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from Butterfly Bait after reading Mom and Pop’s description, it certainly intrigued me to say the least. I decided to make a speculative purchase on the basis that you can’t really go wrong ...

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T-Juice Bubble Gun

T-Juice Bubble Gun Slider

No introduction required for this eliquid, pink bubble gum is what it’s all about. T-Juice say that Bubble Gun tastes so good it can bring memories of bygone childhood days flooding back to you. They certainly don’t hold back with ...

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Halo Belgian Cocoa

Halo Belgian Cocoa Review

Halo liquids – some love ‘em, some hate ‘em – they seem to be a little like marmite(firmly in the loathing category over here for marmite!) but either/or in this case there is no denying that Belgian Cocoa is a ...

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Highbrow Vapor Creme Brulee

Highbrow Vapor Creme Brulee Review

Highbrow vapor creme brulee is the epitome of luxury in a bottle!! I first purchased this flavor when my beloved caramel was out of stock thinking it would be a wimpy substitute but as a fan of highbrow vapor in general ...

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Highbrow Vapor Caramel

Highbrow Vapor Caramel Review

Highbrow Vapor Caramel is described as a brown sugary vape with undertones of maple.  As a self-professed lover of all vapes sweet and sugary, this is my all day, every day, go-to eliquid.  Highbrow are right – nothing can recreate ...

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T-Juice Quintessence

T-Juice Quintessence Review Slider

T-Juice Quintessence is described as mystical potion, derived from a blend of brandy, grapes and British herbs. T-Juice use a mix of artificial and natural ingredients in Quintessence and it’s made from an 80/20 PG/VG mix. I used 12 mg ...

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Hangsen RY4

Hangsewn RY4 E-liquid Revie

Hangsen RY4 is a combination of caramel, tobacco and vanilla. It’s a very popular flavor among new e-cig users. This is because it is an ideal juice to use when you switch from smoking to vaping. It gets you used ...

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Halo Tiki Juice

Halo Tiki Juice Eliquid

Halo Tiki Juice is labeled as a Tahitian tobacco blend. If you were to vape this without the knowledge that it was a tobacco juice, you probably wouldn’t guess it’s a tobacco flavor. As with most Halo e-liquids it’s a ...

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Liqua Strawberry

Liqua Strawberry

Liqua e-liquids are somewhat misleading in the way they’re advertised. Most folks think they’re Italian juices but they’re actually produced in China using “premium” Italian flavors. Don’t be fooled by the premium tag either, I see quite a few online ...

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Hangsen Apple

Hangsen Apple Flavor e-liquid

The Hangsen e-liquid range is mostly 80/20 PG/VG (unless stated otherwise). I haven’t managed to ascertain the exact mix of their apple e-liquid, I do know some of their liquids are 100% PG. Judging by how this stuff vapes, I’m ...

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Halo Malibu Tropical Blend

Halo Malibu Tropical Blend

Halo Malibu is best described as a tropical blend of pineapple and coconut with a menthol or pina colada twist. The pina colada twist they mention is definitely there, but I suspect it’s the fruit and menthol flavors combining that create ...

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