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Poll Depicts Positive Relation between Drop in Smoking and Increased E-Liquid Consumption

Poll Depicts Positive Relation between Drop in Smoking and Increased E-Liquid Consumption

Poll Depicts Positive Relation between Drop in Smoking and Increased E-Liquid Consumption

One of the biggest reasons why there are so many people who are misinformed or uninformed about vaping is because of the lack of research work that has been carried out in this field. Even though people within the vaping community are learning more and more about e-cigarettes and e-liquids every single day, a ton of tests still need to be done in order to fully understand the effects of e-cigarettes on the human body. Till then, it will be quite difficult for even the most ardent supporters and proponents of e-cigarettes to make any bold claims about the usefulness and merits of the product. What vapers and supporters of vaping need is statistical numbers that they can use when arguing with the critics on the efficacy of e-liquid vapour inhalation as an alternative to smoking. According to a recent news report, it seems like that the vapers finally have numbers that they can rely on.

The Gallup Poll:

If you are a vaper who is trying to replace tobacco with e-liquids, then the results of the Gallup poll will fetch good news for you. Even though it is not possible to officially label e-cigarettes and e-liquids as smoking cessation products, there is a new survey that makes it very clear that majority of the people consider e-liquids and e-cigarettes as the perfect anti-smoking products that will free them from the clutches of this dangerous addiction. According to the Gallup poll, Americans are quitting cigarettes at a higher rate than observed in many years. Much of that has to do with the widespread production, distribution and consumption of e-cigarettes and e-liquids that are being seen by smokers as an ideal replacement to traditional cigarettes and tobacco.

The Decline in Smoking:

There has been an impressive 12% decline in smoking among young adults in the last 10 years. For those of you who are not aware, young adults are people who are aged between 18 and 29. Coincidentally, most manufacturers of e-cigarettes and e-liquids target young adults as their primary audience when launching a marketing campaign. Inbound marketing campaigns in particular are designed to attract the attention of young adults who spend a huge amount of their daily time on the internet. These consumers are thirsty for new knowledge on the subject of vaping and are likely to find e-cigarettes more appealing than traditional cigarettes.

The Correlation between the Drop in Smoking and the Increase in Vaping:

Since e-cigarettes and e-liquids are marketed to young adults, it should come as little surprise that there has been a rise in e-cigarette consumption among people of this age group. What is really interesting is that analysts are beginning to think that there is a strong correlation between the decline in smoking among young adults and the rise in the use of e-cigarettes and e-liquids among consumers of this very same age group. Even the critics will have a very difficult time dismissing the glaringly evident connection that exists here.

How do we know that young adults are getting more and more interested in vaping? According to data published by Center for Disease Control, there is definitely an increase in the number of young adult users of e-cigarettes and e-liquids. This same piece of data has verified the fact that there is a declining number of smokers among young adults. In specific terms, people aged between 18 and 24 are finding it more beneficial to quit smoking. A lot of these cigarette quitters have moved to e-cigarettes and e-liquids to fulfil their consumer needs.

Further CDC Statistics on Vaping:

Young adults are not the only ones who have given up smoking. That being said, the poll reiterated that more and more users are finding it easier to give up smoking due to the availability and accessibility of e-liquid and e-cigarette products. Surveys such as these give us an insight into what’s going on in the world of e-cigarettes and e-liquids. The Center for Disease Control or CDC has provided us with further information that sheds light on the popularity and acceptance of e-cigarettes and e-liquids as alternatives for cigarettes and tobacco. According to the poll, only 0.4% of the current vapers have never been traditional smokers. This blows gigantic holes into the critics’ arguments about vaping being a gateway to nicotine addiction.

What Does This All Mean?

The findings in these surveys should not be interpreted as definite proof of e-cigarettes and e-liquids being smoking cessation products. However, the numbers in the data do not lie. People who were not convinced that e-liquid vapour inhalation can help smokers quit will now be able to look at things from a different perspective. On the other side of the Atlantic, experts in the United Kingdom are coming up with more data to support the idea that e-liquids and e-cigarettes can help get off cigarettes and tobacco.