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Not Enjoying Your Vaping Sessions? Here are 3 Easy Ways to Solve This Problem


Why do people become vapers? Do they become vapers to follow social norms? Do they people pick up vaping because it helps them to stay in touch with modern trends? Or do people use vaping as a tool to engage in social interactions with others? Perhaps, all of these theories are correct. When you really think about it, the one primary reason for which someone would want to vape an e-liquid at the comfort of their home, in a social gathering or in the wilderness of the outdoors is because vaping creates a sense of relaxation that is unmatched by any other recreational smoking activity in the world.

Vaping e-liquids is completely different from smoking cigarettes or hookahs. The simple act of vaping, when done right, can take your mind and soul to a whole new atmosphere filled with serenity and bliss. Vaping is all about deriving pleasure and enjoyment. Hence, it is imperative for every vaper to come up with new ways to rekindle the joy of vaping that they experienced during their early days in this community. Having an innovative mind makes life much better for vapers. They can use their creativity to enhance their vaping experience.

If you are struggling to think of ways in which you can get more out your e-cigarettes and e-liquids, then here are five tips for you to take heed of:

1) Charge the Batteries Properly

Before you start using the e-cigarette and e-liquid, you need to charge the batteries fully. Never make the mistake of using the products before getting the batteries charged. If you are new to vaping, then you should seek advice from an experienced vaper about the basics of charging an e-cigarette. It is not really a difficult task to perform, but you need to be careful about not making any silly mistakes while charging the batteries. If you do it wrong, you may end up causing permanent damage to the batteries.

You do not always have to plug the charger cable into the wall. Using your computer’s USB port will work just fine. Charge the batteries till the indicator light either goes off or goes on. Different brands have different ways of letting you know that their product has been charged. You do not have to charge the product every single day, but it is imperative to get a full charge on the first day of use. From that day onwards, make sure that you give the batteries a full charge.

You should also not charge the batteries unless you have completely drained out the power from them. This ensures the longevity of your battery and increases the length of your vaping experience over a certain period of time.

2) Clean Your Batteries

Charging your batteries properly is not the only way to take good care of them. You should also be mindful about keeping them neat and clean. There is great value in making sure that your batteries never get dirty or contaminated. You are recommended to clean and change the e-cigarette battery at least once a day if you are vaping on a daily basis. To get this job done, you will need a paper towel and a bottle containing the e-liquid that you plan to use after the batteries have been thoroughly cleaned.

The first step to cleaning the batteries involves removing the cartomizer and checking for gunk. It is common for a little bit of the e-liquid to accumulate at either the cartomizer thread or the battery thread. Be very vigilant in your check up. The gunk must be cleaned no matter what. Fold the towel paper to create a narrow triangular shape that can be easily inserted into both the areas that may contain gunk. The paper towel should do a decent job of soaking up the leftover e-liquid.

For people who consider themselves to be neat freaks, you can use professional grade slim tip tweezers and a smaller piece of paper towel to get rid of e-liquid that is stubbornly stuck on the battery or the cartomizer thread. Clean batteries will allow your e-cigarette to perform better and it will make your vaping sessions far more gratifying.

3) Use High Quality E-Liquids Only

There are more than 400 brands of e-liquid in production today. Not all of them comply with the highest standards in the industry. Some of them are actually mediocre, if not extremely poor. If you want a great vaping experience, you need to invest your money on high quality e-liquids that deliver the goods every single time. Resorting to mediocre products will leave a bitter and unpleasant aftertaste in your mouth. These e-liquids are designed to last longer and tantalize your taste buds with their exciting flavours. It is not just the flavours that are remarkable. Each and every single ingredient used in the production of a high quality e-liquid is an emblem of perfection. Just make sure that you do not end up paying a high price for an average product that comes with the “premium” label.