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Mind Your Vaping Etiquette


There is nothing quite like vaping in this world. Given the fact that most vapers are former smokers, the joy of giving up on cigarettes and switching over to vaping cannot really be expressed in words. Once you let go of conventional cigarettes and pick up e-cigarettes, you no longer have to roll down the window in the middle of winter to let that smog out of your car. You also do not have to step outside into the cold after a wonderful meal to take a puff of your cigarette. Vaping is by far the more convenient option. You do not need the open air to vape. You can vape from the comfort of your own home.

Vaping Happily Vs Vaping Irresponsibly

It is not just about attaining the freedom to choose a particular location for vaping. There is a lot of things to be happy about when you convert yourself from a smoker to a vaper. Your health in particular will be greatly benefited by this transition or change in lifestyle. Instead of being filled with apprehensions about developing permanent lung damage, you can vape to your heart’s content and not to have worry about suffering from severe health complications. Under such circumstances, it is important for you to remember that there is a major difference between being a happy vaper and a careless vaper. The two are mutually exclusive. Just because you are having a wonderful time exploring your vaping options does not mean that you have to bother others and ruin their peace with your frivolous activities.

As a newcomer in the world of vaping, you can be the most excited person in the world, but you have to realize that not everyone you meet will share the same excitement. Some people may actually be displeased with your vaping habits. Hence, it is extremely important for every member of the vaping community to take responsibility for his or her actions and follow a set of basic rules. One of the most important rules of this community is: do not vape where you cannot smoke.

The Need to be Courteous and Respectful

You may not like the idea of having restrictions imposed on your vaping activities. It is perfectly normal for you to feel that way. After all, clouds of vapour do not smell and second hand vapour is nowhere near as dangerous as they make it out to be. When you take these facts into account, it makes very little sense for someone to avoid vaping in certain places. That being said, you still need to abide by the rules of the community and do your best to spread a positive image of vaping. You need to be an ambassador of e-liquids and e-cigarettes. This is something that you will never be able to achieve if you continue to create discomfort and inconvenience in the lives of people with your vaping activities. In certain places and during certain times, you need to stay away from your vaping products to be courteous to others and out of respect for the owner of the establishment that you are in. Not every property owner likes to entertain vapers in their establishment.

Dealing with Uninformed People

Vapers need to understand that vaping products can appear to be quite unfamiliar and strange to people who are not used to seeing them. In other words, vapers should come to terms with the fact that a lot of people in the United States and abroad are not well informed about vaping and vape products. They will not be able to differentiate between a regular cigarette and an e-cigarette. In accordance to their perception, smoking tobacco and vaping e-liquids are pretty much the same. Cigarettes have been vilified and demonized for a very long period of time. Hence, it is natural for people to express contempt towards anything that has the word cigarette in it, including e-cigarettes. The onus is on you to educate the people and make them aware of the fact that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than cigarettes. If you take offence to their remarks and ignorance, you will only be adding fuel to fire. Also, when you are dealing with uninformed or misinformed people, you are strongly advised to keep your vape products away so as to not make others feel uncomfortable in your presence.

Mass Media Misinformation

This is a time of mass misinformation in the media. The vaping community is horribly presented in the news. People think of vapers as no better than smokers. Some have even associated vaping with substance abuse. In a time like this, it is important for vapers to uphold exemplary moral values and strong ethical beliefs. Even if you have the legal permission to vape in a particular place, be sure to always ask for permission from bystanders before switching on your e-cigarette. Displaying etiquette will go a long way in changing people’s perception of vaping.