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Is Vaping E-Liquids the Same As Smoking Hookah?


Vapers need to get used to a lot of things when they switch over from tobacco to e-liquids. For example, when you are walking down the street, vaping your favourite flavoured e-liquid, you are likely to see a lot of people looking at you with confused expressions on their face. Not all of them are dismissing your activity or judging you. Some of them are actually bewildered by the vaping product in your hand. There are many people in the United States who have little to no idea about what vaping is. For them, vaping is no different from any other smoking activity. This is why it is common for people outside the vaping community to perceive e-cigarettes as a fancy form of regular cigarettes. Some of them even consider e-cigarettes to be a miniature version of the hookah.

Why People Compare the Two

The hookah is not an invention of the West. It has its origins in East Asia and Middle East Asia. By looking at the hookah, you can tell that it is pretty exotic piece of smoking device. This is what allows people to draw comparisons between the hookah and the e-cigarette, as the latter has a very unconventional and unique look. However, the reality of the situation is that hookah and e-cigarettes are very different from one another. In fact, when you carefully analyze both the products, you will realize that they do not really have a lot of commonalities. They are two separate entities of their own. If you want to know more about the differences between the two, you need to first have a clear concept of what a hookah really is.

Describing the Hookah

The hookah can be defined as a large device that contains a number of tubes that serve as outlets. There is a section of the hookah which resembles a large bowl. This bowl is usually see-through. A special kind of tobacco is placed inside the bowl. Once that is done, people can gather around the hookah and start taking drags of the tubes or the pipes. Since it is a large device, it is common for a few people to share one hookah during a smoking session. You will hardly find a single hookah being used by a single individual. It is simply not how it works. The tobacco that is used in the hookah serves the purpose of intensifying the flavour the puff. The tobacco is not used to for its nicotine content. That being said, the nicotine levels in the hookah tobacco can be increased or decreased based on the preferences of the consumer.

Hookahs can be sold as retail products. However, they are more commonly enjoyed in hookah bars or smoking lounges where it is easier for friends and family to share a large device while enjoying a drink or a snack. With the bars and lounges in place, people can try out different hookah products without having to buy a device of their own. Customers have to typically pay an hourly charge to enjoy these hookahs at the bar.

How E-Cigarettes Differ from Hookahs

E-cigarettes, as you must be aware by now, are very different from hookahs. As mentioned before, there aren’t too many similarities between the two products. Hookah allows you to smoke tobacco, while e-cigarette allows you to vape e-liquids. A heating element is placed inside the e-cigarette which converts the e-liquid into a vapour. The e-liquid does not contain any tobacco. That being said, nicotine is one of the primary ingredients of an e-liquid product (you can also find zero nicotine e-liquids). Unlike the hookah, e-cigarettes are mainly sold as retail products. In other words, they are consumer products which are enjoyed by single individuals. Although it is common for people to group together for special vaping sessions, you will not see too many vapers sharing their e-cigarette devices the way hookah smokers share one device. Also, it goes without saying that e-cigarettes are far more portable than hookahs can ever be. You do not have to walk into a bar or visit a lounge to vape e-cigarettes. You can vape e-liquids anywhere as long as you are legally permitted to do so.

Similarities Between the Two Products

One of the few similarities between the two products is that e-liquids come in a variety of flavours much like the special tobacco that is used in hookahs. Another similarity that you can note down between the two is the large clouds of smoke (vapour in the case of e-cigarettes) that is released from the mouth. You would be surprised to know that there are e-liquids in the market that contain hookah flavours. These hookah flavoured e-liquids give you a taste of what it would be like to smoke an electronic hookah.