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Halloween Themed E-Liquid Flavours: A Symbol of the Festive Vaping Community

Halloween Themed E-Liquid Flavours: A Symbol of the Festive Vaping Community

Halloween Themed E-Liquid Flavours: A Symbol of the Festive Vaping Community

When you take up vaping for the first time, you will come across a number of naysayers who will tell you that being a vaper is no different than being a smoker. In their view, the act of smoking tobacco is the same as the act of vaping e-liquids. If you hear such opinions, know that they are wrong in every sense of the word. First of all, there is a massive difference between tobacco and e-liquids. Smoking tobacco can literally kill you by damaging your lung. E-liquids on the other hand are not known to cause any damage to the human health as long as you vape in a healthy manner. In addition to that, the position of a smoker and that of a vaper in the community are not the same. You can clearly realize this when you notice that smoking is prohibited in certain public places while vaping is not.

The Festive Vaping Community

If you become a smoker, you have to live in guilt for the rest of your life. With every puff of smoke you take in, you know that you are slowly inching towards lung damage and possibly lung cancer. Smoking tobacco is like signing your own death certificate. Besides the guilt of harming yourself, you have to deal with a ton of social stigma that is associated with smoking. There are people out there who struggle to find employment and even land a date simply because they have a severe smoking problem. These are problems that you will not face as a vaper. As a matter of fact, once you begin vaping, you will become a part of a festive vaping community that will welcome you like family.

Celebrating Halloween in The Vaping Community

There are many perks of being a vaper, one of which is the fact that you get to enjoy special forms of vaping on special occasions. While smokers stay hidden in their rooms away from the eyes of the joyous crowd during holidays, the vapers have the license to party like there’s no tomorrow. Halloween in particular can be an extremely exciting time for the vaping community. To complement their bubbly mood during this holiday, manufacturers have come up with special Halloween themed e-liquid flavours that lets you enjoy this age old holiday in a brand new way. Here are three of the top Halloween e-liquid flavours that will get you into the spirit of the holiday:

1) Chocolate E-Liquid

Let us start off with something really basic. The chocolate e-liquid is one of the most popular choices among the vapers in the community and is one that the experts hail as a timeless classic. This particular e-liquid provides a rich chocolate fragrance and an intense chocolate flavour that will simply tantalize your taste buds, gratify your sweet tooth and put you in the holiday mood in the blink of an eye. The chocolate e-liquid flavour will soon become your top preference just like those special chocolate bars that you used to hide away when you would celebrate Halloween as a little child.

Nostalgic thoughts aside, the volume of vapour that you can derive from this particular e-liquid is big enough for you to spend top dollar on it. In fact, the giant mushroom clouds will actually lure your friends and family into grabbing an e-cigarette and start vaping with you. If you are trying to introduce a rookie vaper to exciting flavours, make sure that you start off with the chocolate e-liquid.

2) Voodoo E-Liquid

The name of this e-liquid might send a few chills down the spine of the faint hearted. If you are looking for a novelty taste during Halloween, then the voodoo e-liquid is something that you should undoubtedly try out. What is special about this e-liquid is that it contains a wonderful assortment of flavours combined with a mild base. Some of the flavours that you can clearly taste include cinnamon, plum, black currant and grape. It is great for vapers who love the sweet and sour taste and have a knack for trying out something new and extraordinary during holidays. The vapour cloud that you get from this e-liquid is large enough to amaze your friends and the aroma is strong enough to draw them into taking a puff.

3) Dark Lizard E-Liquid

If you are a fan of dark chocolate, then this e-liquid is the product that you have been looking for. You are not going to get an overwhelming blast of chocolate here. The hint of dark chocolate is just strong enough to temp the taste buds and keep you coming back for more. Both the flavour and the vapour will last a very long time. If you need a relaxing session of vaping after all the Halloween festivities, then reach out for this e-liquid.