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Fasttech China Based E-Cig Vendor

Fast Tech is based in Hong Kong, China. They’re not your average e-cig vendor insofar as they’re primarily a major online electronics retail store. Along with a great range of electronics they also stock a mammoth supply of batteries, cartomizers, clearomizers, Chinese e-liquids, mods, rebuildables and tanks. You name it, they have it. All the e-cig related items are located under consumer electronics in the main menu.

The website itself is not very user friendly or intuitive for browsing the range of products on offer, I find searching is the best and quickest way of finding what you want.

Their prices are rock bottom and in addition they offer free international shipping! There was a time when orders were shipped in as little as 10 days to the US, unfortunately orders are now taking anywhere between 16-31 days.

Recent disruptions were caused by Hong Kong customs and they’ve since changed their shipping provider. They offer a variety of additional shipping methods and they will even customize your packaging for you. Orders are speedily processed and shipped by Fasttech, the same can’t be said about the standard shipping service.

A word of warning though, the recent delays and issues arose from a crackdown from Hong Kong customs on packages containing liquids, the disruption was temporary and packages are now being successfully delivered without any problems, they’re just taking far longer to get to your front door.

Long delays and customs issues are not uncommon when ordering from China. If you can afford to sit tight and wait, and you accept that there may be occasional customs hiccups. Ordering from China is certainly worthwhile and there are some savings to be made. If you’re in a rush stick with a local vendor!

Customer service is excellent and they’ll assist you in a professional manner on any issues or questions you have, they offer telephone and email support.

E-Liquids Stocked – Dekang, Liqua, Hangsen and a number of other Chinese brands I’m not familiar with.

E-Solids – What the… Yup, you can buy e-gel! Essentially its e-liquid in the form of a gel. A novelty item as far as I’m concerned, many vapers have highlighted their concerns over the list of ingredients used. Reviews have not covered this product in glory to date. While it’s an interesting novelty idea, I can’t imagine it’s something I’ll be reviewing any time soon, at least not until I start reading more positive feedback.

E-Cig Device Brands Stocked – Cobra, Ego, Wand, Kamry, Kangertech, KinW, KSD, Lava Tube and Smoktech.

I would advise airing on the side of caution with unknown brands, stick to what’s tried and trusted when ordering from Chinese vendors. If you’re not familiar with a particular brand or model, take the time to read a few reviews from a number of different sources before you order. It’s a fail safe way of avoiding disappointment.

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