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Dual Users: Smoking and Vaping at the Same Time

Dual Users: Smoking and Vaping at the Same Time

Dual Users: Smoking and Vaping at the Same Time

The common belief among people is that vapers do not smoke and smokers do not vape. This is a faulty assumption to say the least. Although inhaling e-liquid vapour is often considered as an alternative or replacement of smoking, there are a lot of people who are still stuck in the transition period. Then again, there are those individuals who want to enjoy the cigarette and the e-cigarette at the same time. These people are referred to as dual users. The presence of dual users has thrown a shroud of doubt over e-liquid’s potential to be a direct substitute to tobacco. Since e-cigarettes are often seen as a tool to quit smoking, it seems to make little sense for someone to be using both. In other words, dual users make it difficult for people to believe that e-cigarettes can actually help someone ward off the tobacco addiction.

Why People Hate Dual Users/Usage

It is really not that hard to see why people are not fond of dual users or the whole idea of smoking and vaping at the same time. The whole concept of inhaling e-liquid vapour was initiated to reduce the harm that is caused by smoking. When e-cigarettes came into being, people were looking for a healthier alternative to smoking, one that would not cripple their lungs and make them vulnerable to cancer. Therefore, dual users who fancy both a puff of smoke and vapour at the same time are not doing their healthy any favours by sticking to cigarettes. Or are they?

Aggressive Campaigns Against E-Cigarettes

The critics of e-cigarettes have used dual users as “prime examples” of people who have failed to quit smoking by resorting to e-cigarettes. They claim that if people continue to use traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes at the same time, they are likely to suffer from all the health hazards that are brought on by cigarettes. There have been quite a few anti e-cigarette campaigns that have attacked the idea that inhaling e-liquid vapour can help a person slip away from the smoking addiction. Are any of these aggressive campaigns against e-cigarettes justified? Let’s find out.

Can Dual Usage Reduce the Harm?

Regardless of whether e-cigarettes can help you quit smoking or not, there is absolutely no denying the fact that e-cigarettes or e-liquids are by far the safer alternative to cigarettes and tobacco. If someone tells you that traditional cigarettes are better, then they are either completely misinformed or are lying to you through their teeth. According to a report that was published by Public Health England, e-cigarettes have been shown to be 95% safer than regular cigarettes.

If you make the assumption that a person can only take a certain number of puffs a day, then it makes sense to believe that being a dual user can actually reduce the harm. Here is how it works. If you are a dedicated smoker of cigarettes, then you are taking 200 puffs of cigarette smoke per day. If you switch over to e-cigarettes completely, then you can reduce the harm caused by the 200 puffs by 95% as you will only be taking in vapour instead of smoke. If you turn into a dual user, then you will approximately take 100 puffs of e-liquid vapour and 100 puffs of cigarette smoke. By doing that, you are reducing the harm that cigarette smoke inflicts on your body by 50%, since you are only taking half the number of cigarette smoke puffs as before.

At the end of the day, the harm reduction strategy boils down to basic mathematics. Even if dual usage does not help you kick tobacco addiction out of your life (and it usually does), it still does help you to reduce the potential risks to your health. It is worth noting that the harm reduction only works if the smoker is able to lower the number of cigarette smoke puffs he or she takes on a daily basis. If this number is kept constant even after adopting e-cigarettes, then being a dual user can only serve to deteriorate a person’s health.

Should Dual Usage be Encouraged?

People assume that there is a very fine line between being a smoker and a non-smoker. Quitting this addiction or sticking to it is not like keeping a switch on or turning it off. A smoker needs to go through a gradual transition period during which he or she learns to live without puffs of cigarette smoke. The transition is not easy and the presence of e-cigarettes and e-liquids can make a real difference. Dual usage is not the end of the line. It is simply a step along the way to a lifestyle that is free of cigarettes. If a person believes that dual usage can help him recover faster and more conveniently from smoking addiction, then it makes sense to keep using both products for a temporary period of time.