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Can You Remove E-Liquid Stains from Your Clothes?

E-liquid products need to be handled very carefully for a number of reasons. If you are not careful with the storage of the product, then you may end up causing the e-liquid to go bad. When the product goes bad, the taste of the e-liquid is heavily altered and this leads to a drastic deterioration in your vaping experience. The other main reason why it is important to handle e-liquids with great care is because there are concerns about the product being a health hazard. There are some “safety issues” that you need to address when you are dealing with e-liquids. This is because there is always the risk of children and pets misusing the product and ingesting it. If they do that, then their health can be severely compromised through e-liquid poisoning. Besides the concerns about safety and quality, there is another very important reason why you should be extra careful about handling, using, transporting and storing e-liquids. A small leakage or a minor spill can cause a great deal of problems, especially if your clothes get stained.

How E-Liquid Spills Occur

Handling e-liquids and using e-cigarettes is usually not too big of a problem. However, if you do not exercise caution, you may end up regretting your act of careless vaping. There is always the possibility of spilling e-liquids on your clothes as mentioned before. This is a problem that concerns both novice vapers and the experienced ones. Just because you have never had an e-liquid accident before does not mean that you are not going to have one in the future. E-liquids are usually spilled in two different ways. Either there is a leak in the product or you have carelessly overfilled the tank. Things can get really messy if the e-liquid spills on to larger pieces of fabrics such as comforters and sheets, which are quite evidently much more difficult to clean.

Easy Cleaning Solutions for E-Liquid Spills

It is quite common for the vapers to enter a state of panic and fright the moment they discover an e-liquid spill. If you want to actually fix the problem, then do not go into panic mode. Avoid being terrified because this is a problem that can be easily solved with the help of a couple of different clever cleaning techniques. In fact, all you really need to do is follow some simple steps to clean out the e-liquid. The good news is that e-liquid spills do not usually result in permanent marks on your clothes or other fabrics. This means that cleaning them off will not exactly be the hardest task in the world. Since there are different strengths or concentrations of e-liquids, you may need to resort to different cleaning methods to get rid of the stains from your clothes. In certain cases, a simple wet cloth is enough to wipe out the stains and remove all the remnants of the e-liquid from your fabric.
The Wet Washcloth Method

If you choose to use the wet washcloth as a cleaning tool, then you need to get your hands dirty. Soak the washcloth in water and then rub it rigorously against the e-liquid stain till the e-liquid has dissolved. Once it has dissolved, the stain will automatically disappear from the cloth. Do not rub the fabric with excessive force. It may ruin the texture and the colour of the fabric. Be as firm as you need to be when rubbing and try not to go beyond stained area. E-liquids that can be washed away through this particular cleaning method usually contain PG and VG. Washing out the spot becomes a tad more difficult when the e-liquid contains artificial colouring.

Liquid Detergent Method

Using a liquid detergent could serve as an alternative method for removing the e-liquid stain from the fabric. Instead of simply soaking the washcloth in water, dip it into a solution of strong liquid detergent that has the potential to dissolve the e-liquid stain immediately. The chemicals within the detergent react with the e-liquid ingredients. The sport particles are weakened as a result of the reaction. Since the detergent does most of the work here, you do need to rub the washcloth too hard on the fabric. Spraying the detergent directly on to the spot of e-liquid can yield better results.

Strong E-Liquids with Resin

The aforementioned cleaning methods may not work for all e-liquids. This is because there are some products in the market that contain resin. Strong e-liquids with resin create stains that are comparable to those left behind by coffee or grape juice spills. In simple terms, you are going to have a really difficult time getting rid of them. Under such circumstances, it makes sense to hand over your clothes to a professional cleaning service. They will be much better equipped to remove the stains and clean up your fabric.