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burnt taste with your e-cig vapor

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Burnt Taste on Brand New Devices

If you’ve just filled a new replacement atomizer or cartomizer and you immediately get a foul taste, there are a few things that could be causing this. It’s worth noting that there is a high failure rate among some devices, even with reliable parts you can get the occasional dud out of the box.

The first thing to check is if you’ve filled the device correctly. Secondly, is the coil within the atomizer making sufficient contact with the e-liquid? If the device is not wicking with the juice, it will produce a burnt taste. When filling a device for the first time, too much e-lqiuid is better than too little. Even if you flood the device you can always blow or empty out any excess fluid.

Replacement Time

If you’ve been using your device for a number of days without issue but it suddenly develops a dreaded burning taste. It’s probably time to either try cleaning it out, or binning it. Let’s take a cartomizer as an example. It has a coil that goes through the filling within a tube, the filling feeds e-liquid to the coil.

The burning taste that can develop is a result of a constant building up of juice residue on the coil. If it gets to a point where residue is caked all over the coil then it will produce a consistent burnt taste when used.

Cleaning Your Atomizer to Remedy the Problem

It really depends on what type of device you have. With cartomizers, once they develop a burning taste they tend to be fit for the bin. Cleaning devices does take some time and patience. Essentially you need to dismantle it and remove the coil from its housing. You then attach it to your battery and repeatedly heat the coil, this process is called dry burning, you’ll find this isn’t possible with some parts.

There have been occasions when I’ve been short on supplies and I’ve had some limited success reviving them. Be warned though, it takes time and patience and the cleaning process should be very thorough to ensure the best chance of success. You have to repeatedly heat the coil until it burns off the residue, be careful not to heat the coil to aggressively, you can pop it  Any device which you can safely remove the coil, change the wick and reassemble should be suitable for cleaning or dry burning..

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