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Kanger Evod Starter Kit

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If you’re ready to make the leap and start vaping you’re going to need some good equipment to hit the ground running. With your first device, reliability and simplicity are two key factors to consider. Once you’ve mastered a starter kit you can begin investigating the myriad of options available for vaping.

Batteries Atomizers / Cartomizers / Tanks & e-Liquid or e-Juice

There are three key components to electronic cigarettes.  Atomizers are powered by a battery. A form of liquid nicotine known as e-Liquid or e-Juice goes into the atomizer/cartomizer/tank. When the liquid is heated by a coil inside a tank for example, it produces vapor. Various devices are filled with e-liquid in different ways. You can buy all items individually and in a wide array of colors shapes and sizes.

What to Buy

Starter kits are ideal for beginners because they contain all the components of an e-cig in one neat bundle. It’s worth noting however that some outlets don’t include e-liquid with their kits, you may need to purchase that separately.

The truth is the market is flooded with countless manufacturers and models. If you read on forums and other websites you’ll find most folks will agree on this. The Kanger Evod  (MT3s) is a good setup for beginners, at least in terms of performance, reliability and simplicity.

Update: 11/25/2014

Since I wrote this some time ago and the market has moved on at a blistering pace, I thought I should update this advice. The Evod is still a fantastic piece of kit that has withstood the test of time. More accurately, it’s the coil heads they use that are still widely used. If you’re looking to dive straight in and buy yourself some quality gear. I highly recommend purchasing a variable voltage mod battery. The Eleaf iStick or the iTaste MVP 2.0 (a little bulkier and battery life not as good as the former) are two great battery options. I can also highly recommend the Pro Tank 2 (mini if you prefer small) which is compatible with Evod coil heads.

I would also strongly recommend learning how to rewick the Pro tank (or evod both will work) coil heads with Japanese cotton for the ultimate beginners vaping setup. You’ll find lots of videos on Youtube that cover how to do this. I recommend Japanese cotton because it’s far superior to pure cotton as a wicking material.



The Health Cabin Vaping Supplies

Where To Buy

I usually use local suppliers for my replacement parts and smaller purchases, normally because I want my items sooner rather than later. But when I bought my first starter kit I ordered it from China, the fact is they offer the most competitive prices. It’s worthwhile ordering from China when you’re ordering a bunch of stuff together. Unfortunately their range of e-liquids is limited to Chinese producers such as Dekang and Hangsen, otherwise you’ll find anything and everything you need for vaping at a great price. It’s worth ordering a batch of replacement heads for your device also. They can last anywhere between 2-7 days depending on your vaping habits. Ensure your replacement heads are compatible before confirming your order.

The Kanger starter kit is available at a great price of $42 at the Health Cabin. The major downside to ordering from China is shipping times. Orders are dispatched promptly, but the Chinese postal system can be painfully slow. Allow 3-6 weeks for delivery via standard airmail, you can pay extra and avail of EMS courier services if this is too long to wait. If you prefer buying from a local online retailer be sure to check our online vendor section for a complete list of quality vendors.



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