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Are Disposable E-Cigarettes a Good Option?


When e-cigarettes were first introduced into the market, they had an appearance that closely resembled that of cigarettes. This is why e-cigarettes were given the name cig-a-likes. As the e-cigarette market grew and expanded beyond territories, the variety of e-cigarettes continued to develop at a highly impressive rate. Soon, you had multiple brands manufacturing a plethora of e-cigarettes that looked quite different from one another. This was certainly a blessing for the vaping community who were and still are enjoying the perks of having plenty of purchasing options in their hands. However, the e-cigarette industry become plagued with one problem that affects every single industry where variety is allowed to grow exponentially.

By 2010, there were many products in the market that were simply not up to the standards that consumers were looking for. Many of these e-cigarette hardware devices did not survive, but some of them stood the test of time for a number of reasons. The disposable e-cigarette is one of them. Most people within the vaping community are not particularly fond of disposable e-cigarettes. They are much more inclined to spend their hard earned money on rechargeable e-cigarettes. It makes little sense to pick substandard disposable e-cigarettes over high quality rechargeable e-cigarettes. The latter offers much greater value for money.

There is nothing wrong with disposable cigarettes per se. They are a decent option for people who are completely new to the world of vaping. As a rookie, you would probably not have a good idea of where to spend your money when looking for rechargeable e-cigarette devices. It is okay to have a tentative approach as a new customer. It is completely natural for you to be filled with concerns and confusions that hold you back from buying a product that can be used on a long term basis. However, this does not mean that you can depend on disposable e-cigarettes forever. They are definitely not a worthwhile long term solution. Here are three simple reasons why you should get rid of them after your first couple of weeks as a vaper:

1) Expenditure

The upfront cost of buying a disposable e-cigarette is much less compared to that of buying a rechargeable device. Disposables are considered to be inexpensive items. However they can cost you dearly in the long run if you continue to rely on them. These items are only truly inexpensive when they are used for nothing more than test purposes. When used for prolonged periods of time, disposable e-cigarettes will compel you to spend more money than you would have spent on buying and maintaining a high quality e-cigarette starter kit.

A pack of 3 average disposable cigarettes cost roughly around $16.00. Every disposable e-cigarette can offer you a maximum of 400 puffs. For your information, 400 puffs are what you would get from 40 regular cigarettes if you were a smoker. Therefore, when compared to regular cigarettes, disposable e-cigarettes are undoubtedly a wonderful bargain. That being said, when you compare disposables to other rechargeable e-cigarettes, they have a terrible price for consumers who are on a fixed budget.

As the name suggests, disposable e-cigarettes are meant to be thrown away after you are done enjoying 400 puffs. A rechargeable device will cost you approximately twice as much as disposable cigarettes. You will also have to pay additional cost of e-liquids or filled cartridges. Even when you add the price of the e-liquid, the overall expenditure on a rechargeable device is much less given the fact that you can use it over and over again for an extended period of time. You simply have to pay for new bottles of e-liquids, which are only a fraction of the cost of disposable e-cigarettes. When you take all of these into consideration, it becomes quite clear that buying a rechargeable device as opposed to a disposable one is definitely the better deal for vapers.

2) Unpleasant Experience

Buying disposable e-cigarettes is like smoking the worst brand of regular cigarettes. You are going to end up having an unpleasant vaping experience. In fact, some newcomers actually turn away from vaping because of how bad disposable e-cigarettes taste. It is not just about the taste. The vapour is going to be ridiculously limited in volume thanks to the weak battery. This will make you feel as if you are sucking throw a simple straw.

3) Poor Variety of Flavours

One of the biggest reasons why vaping is such a joy is because there are thousands of e-liquid flavours for you to enjoy when you are using rechargeable e-cigarettes. If you vape through a disposable device, your choice of flavours will be incredibly limited. In fact, most disposable e-cigarettes are only available in two flavours; menthol and tobacco. These flavours are not too bad for smokers turned vapers, but they get pretty boring after a while.