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A Quick Discussion on Winter Vaping


E-cigarettes stand head and shoulders above all the other old combustibles for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons is the fact that e-cigarettes can provide different experiences in different seasons. The kind of vaping experience that you are going to enjoy in summer will be quite different from the joy of vaping in spring or autumn. E-cigarettes work spectacularly well all throughout the year with the exception of the winter months. This is the time of the year when you begin to face problems with your vape products and you start to realize that you need to do a little more to get the best out of your e-cigarettes and e-liquids. Without a shadow of a doubt, the cold weather in winter can have a negative impact on the e-cigarette as well as the e-liquid. To make sure that you do not have redundant winter as a vaper, take heed of the important winter vaping tips mentioned below.

Battery Issues in Winter

During the months of winter, your energy bills go up considerably. This is because you require more heating for longer periods of time as the cold nights seem to stretch forever. The further you move up north, the colder and longer the nights get. Also, you spend more time indoors during winter than you do during the other seasons. This means that you stay fixed in front of the television or your computer screen, which further raises your electricity bills. Since we are discussing energy, it is worth mentioning that the battery of your e-cigarette is nothing more than a store of energy.

Chemical reactions take place within the battery to convert chemical energy into electrical energy. These reactions are never fully efficient, but they work fairly well during most times of the year. In the months of winter, the temperature drops significantly. This causes the chemical reactions inside the batteries of your e-cigarette to become far less efficient than before. The batteries become “cold” and the energy levels get lower. At just a couple of degrees below freezing, you can lose 50% of your battery capacity. In addition to that, the maximum voltage may drop off which will cause you to charge the batteries a lot more frequently.

The solution to this winter battery problem is not very complicated. All you need to do is focus on keeping your batteries warm. This should not be much of a hassle since you are already investing a lot of your time and money in keeping your precious assets warm in winter. Do not leave the batteries out in the open. Keep them tucked inside a pocket or a well insulated drawer. If the batteries stay warm, they will not require much power to activate the internal chemical reactions that produces electrical energy.

How E-Liquids Are Affected In Winter

You may be disappointed to find out that the cold can affect your precious e-liquids. There is nothing that true vapers deem more precious than flavoured e-liquids. Did you know that there flavours of e-liquids out there that are designed to keep you warm in the spine chilling cold weather of winter? Unfortunately, these e-liquid will not perform too well unless you are able to keep the products well protected from the cold. The e-liquid can start developing problems long before the temperature inside the house reaches freezing point. Cold air can cause liquids to become more viscous. This means that the liquid will not wick as easily as it did before. Think of how “gloopy” a bottle of e-liquid is right after your remove it from the refrigerator. The image of such an e-liquid is certainly not appetizing to say the least. You would not want to vape a product like that. The vegetable glycerine inside the e-liquid is responsible for that undesirable dense form. If you have to head outdoors with your e-liquid, then you are strongly advised to buy e-liquids that contain at least 50% propylene glycol. Avoid high VG content e-liquids when travelling in winter.

Making the Most of Winter Vaping

Winter vaping is not all bad news. Keeping aside the dark, depressing gloomy days when you are struggling to be in upbeat mood, there are plenty of opportunities for you to enjoy a seasonal vape in winter. There is an infinite variety of flavours to choose from when you are buying e-liquids from the market. As mentioned before, there are specific flavours that taste amazing in winter. The dessert mixes are always a hot seller in the months of winter. The combination of warmth, sweetness and richness can captivate your taste buds and lift your spirits on the coldest nights of winter. It is also a good idea to arrange a wonderful vaping session with your fellow vaping buddies around the fireplace at your home. The pleasure of vaping will keep your heart and soul warm in winter.