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6 Simple Ways to Vape More Discreetly


Why would someone want to vape discreetly? It is not an illegal or harmful activity by any stretch of the imagination. That being said, there are certain public places where you are not allowed to smoke or vape. These rules and regulations may be a little too stringent, but they have to be acknowledged and respected nonetheless. The last thing you want to do is draw negative attention towards the vaping community by breaking the vaping laws set by the local authorities.

This takes us back to our original question, should you ever think about going into stealth vaping mode? The answer is yes. Vaping discreetly is not about disregarding rules and regulations. It is about protecting your rights as a vaper. Vaping publicly is often not an option even in places where you have the legal right to vape. For instance, family gatherings, birthday parties, school events and business conferences are just one of the many occasions where you need to think twice before pulling out your e-cigarette. You are not going to physically harm or injure people by vaping in front of them. However, it is preferable for you to vape in discreetly to avoid putting yourself in an inappropriate situation.

You do not want to attract unwanted attention by vaping at the wrong places and you certainly do not want give vapers a bad reputation. Vaping discreetly is often perceived as a symbol of showing respect. This will go a long way in fixing people’s faulty assumptions about vaping and vape products. There is no need for you to be socially awkward and hide in a corner. All you need to do is act smartly and vape privately. Here are six tips to help you out:

1) Smaller Device

The gigantic MODs are designed for extraordinary performance and massive clouds of vapour. If you are arranging a vaping session with your buddies, you are strongly recommended to get a hold of one of the many MODs out there in the market. However, you should carry smaller devices when you are vaping in public places. You do not want people to be bothered or even intimated by the sight of a gigantic e-cigarette that fills up the room with enormous vapour clouds. A large device such as this will most certainly grab the attention of the bystanders. It will be nearly impossible for you to hide such an e-cigarette. A smaller setup can be easily shielded by your hands. It is also going to produce much less vapour, which means that you do not have to worry about attracting unwanted attention.

2) Volt/Watt Settings

Small devices are actually capable of producing large volumes of vapour if you apply the right volt/watt settings. This is exactly what you need to avoid doing when attempting to vape discreetly. One good puff can be enough to fill up the entire room with vapour. To avoid this problem you need to change the volt/watt settings to make sure that the small e-cigarette does not create any big problems for you.

3) Holding the Vapour In

The longer you hold the vapour in, the better are your chances of vaping discreetly. By holding the vapour in, you are basically limiting the amount of second hand vapour that is being released from your mouth. The longer the vapour stays inside your mouth, the more it gets absorbed by the body.

4) Slow Exhalation

When you are about to release the vapour, make sure that you take all the time in the world. Do not rush the exhalation. Try to savour every bit of the vapour in your mouth. The slower you exhale, the more time the vapour will have to get absorbed in your body and the smaller will be the vapour cloud that comes out of your mouth.

5) Diminishing the Vapour

You can use your hands to break up the vapour cloud quite easily. This helps you to vape in a discreet manner. When you release the vapour from your mouth, make sure that you have your hands positioned right in front of your lips. Some people prefer to breathe through an article of clothing to lower the visual impact of vaping. You can also use your sleeves or your cup for a similar effect.

6) High Propylene Glycol Content

The amount of propylene glycol in the e-liquid can vary based on your preferences and those of the brand in charge of manufacturing the product. Propylene glycol is a great carrier of e-liquid flavours. However, it is not particularly good for producing massive vapour clouds. When you are trying to vape discreetly, use e-liquids that contain a higher content of propylene glycol. In this way, you can reduce the amount of vapour that you are releasing into the air.