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5 of the Best Tobacco Flavoured E-Liquid Blends


The best thing about vaping is that you get a plethora of e-liquid flavours to explore all throughout the year. This is something that you can never enjoy with smoking. The sheer joy and excitement of trying out a variety of flavours makes vaping an unforgettable experience for someone who is a true connoisseur of e-liquids.

Everyone has their list of favourite e-liquids. You should have one of your own. That being said, you should also be open to the idea of experimenting with the flavours. If you visit any one of the vaping conventions that take place in the United States annually, you are sure to come across vapers who have tried out twenty or thirty different flavours of e-liquids within a few months’ time. These are the best people to seek advice from when you are looking to add a new flavour to your list. If you are a newcomer who has been smoking prior to vaping, then you might want to start off with something less vibrant, less sweet and less colourful. People who have recently given up smoking will find tobacco flavoured e-liquid blends a lot more appealing than the other consumers.

The market for e-liquid flavours is so huge that you are sure to find multiple blends of tobacco flavoured e-liquids if you do a little bit of research. Getting rid of your attachment with tobacco must have been a very difficult thing to do after you made the transition from smoking to vaping. Hence, it is natural for you to crave the tobacco taste a few more times, before you decide to let go of it wholeheartedly. If you are in search of the best tobacco flavoured e-liquid blends in the market, then the following list is tailor made for you:

1) Tribeca (Halo)

Tribeca is one of those go-to tobacco flavoured e-liquids that allows new vapers to get properly introduced to the world of vaping. It is also a flavour that you are going to have a pretty difficult time letting go of given its premium quality and impeccable taste. This particular product belongs to the RY4 category, which is basically a combination of tobacco, caramel and vanilla. People who have used this e-liquid before often compare its taste to that of a Graham cracker. Indeed, the Tribeca does have the subtle cracker like sweetness with a hint of tobacco. This is a great product for anyone who is trying to slowly recover from the smoking addiction. The hints of vanilla and caramel complement each other perfectly to create a wonderful all-day vape. The experts agree that Tribeca is one of the top e-liquid flavours in the entire industry.

2) Prelude (Blacknote)

A product like Tribeca is popular for its terrific assortment of e-liquid flavours, one of which includes tobacco. With the Prelude, you have a combination that will only please the most ardent fans of tobacco. The Prelude is anything but a cheap product. In fact, it would be fair to categorize it as one of the more expensive e-liquids in the market as it is priced at $29 per 30ml. However, the price tag is justified courtesy of the unique and authentic flavour that other manufacturers have failed to replicate. The e-liquid flavour is derived from Virginia Tobacco. The flavour is gracefully smooth, naturally sweet and seductively subtle. Anyone vaper who wants to have a love affair with tobacco is strongly recommended to give the Prelude a try.

3) Moroccan Gold (Vapor Fi)

The name of this product alone is tantalizing enough to tingle the taste buds of the tobacco aficionados. The usual products of Vapor Fi aren’t highly impressive to say the least. The brand has certainly done a much better job with its “Reserve” line of products, which includes the Moroccan Gold. It is a pretty complex tobacco blend that is packed with rich tobacco, a hint of coconut and a bit of sweet vanilla.

4) VCT (Ripe Vapes)

Ripe Vapes is one of the more popular brands in the market, and their iconic VCT is an e-liquid flavour that has been a hot seller in stores for quite some time now. The VCT by Ripe Vapes is actually quite similar to RY4. The difference is that it does not contain any hints of caramel and comes with a creamy custard vanilla flavour instead. The taste can be best described as silky and sweet. It is one of those amazing all-day vape products that are exquisitely well balanced.

5) Soho (NicQuid)

This is another example of a RY4 type flavour, but it stands out courtesy of its nutty essence that gives the vapers a roasted feel. Slight changes in the flavour profile can go a long way in boosting the popularity of a product. This is exactly what NicQuid have done with the Soho. The hazelnut taste and the mild tobacco undertone is a blend that will entice any vaper, and one that works perfectly for smokers turned vapers.