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4 Things You Should Know About Charging E-Cigarette Batteries


Vaping products can be broadly categorized into two groups. You have e-liquids, which serve as the fuel for vaping. Then you have the hardware devices, which are needed to keep the e-cigarette up and running. There are various components to e-cigarette hardware. The number of components that an e-cigarette has will vary depending on how much you have modified it. For instance, if you buy a simple disposable e-cigarette from the market, you are going to only have to deal with a handful of components. If you purchase an e-cigarette that has been heavily modified, then you are probably going to lose count of the number of components that you have to keep an eye on and maintain on a regular basis. Most of the e-cigarettes out there in the market come with batteries. This means that they are rechargeable e-cigarettes. You do not have to throw them out once you are done using them. You can use them over and over again. The shelf life of these e-cigarettes depends on how well you take care of these products.

The batteries in particular require special attention as they are quite vulnerable to damage. Besides, the battery is the heart of the e-cigarette. If it stops functioning, then there is no way for you to use your e-cigarette and vaporize the e-liquid. You may think that taking care of the batteries and charging them when you need to sounds like a simple job. But you will be surprised to know the number of vapers who actually struggle to charge their batteries properly. The basics of charging involve inserting the charger into the device, plugging it into an outlet and letting it charge for a certain amount of time. This is not all there is to charging. It can get slightly more complicated than that.

To make sure that you have no trouble with the complicating of charging e-cigarette batteries, here are four tips to help you out:

1) Use a Charger that Is Specifically Built for Your E-Cigarette

This is a pretty self explanatory statement right here. Too many people make the mistake of not finding the right charger for their batteries. The act of swapping products and chargers needs to be stopped. This should not be a problem for you if you are a new vaper and have a limited number of vaping products in your home. However, if you have been vaping for a few years now and have amassed a sizeable collection of vaping products, you definitely need to keep track of your core components and chargers more responsibly. Many a times, you will come across similar items that seem to be the perfect fit, but in reality they are not the right fit. You can actually charge your device with such items, but it will not be charging at the optimal level. You need your batteries to charge properly at the right level and with the right voltage. As a matter of fact, if you keep using random chargers for an extended period of time, you are going to end up damaging your e-cigarette.

2) Do Not Charge Overnight

You cannot charge your device beyond 100%. But a lot of people attempt to do that by keeping the device plugged in all throughout the night. Once it has reached the 100% mark, you need to take the plug out in order to protect the battery life of the product. Prolonged charging after the product has reached full capacity can cause the batteries to wear down. This will make the batteries less effective and can lead to a number of technical problems. In most cases, the overall battery life is reduced considerably.

3) Do Not be Adamant About Modifications

Not all e-cigarette devices are meant to undergo modification. If your charge is not designed to be used in a specific way, then refrain from using it in that particular manner. Stick to the rules mentioned in the instruction manual. Improvisation may not always reap you the rewards that you seek. There is no point in throwing your charger and e-cigarette under the bus for a “cooler look” with the MODs. Besides, if you are using the charger beyond its capacity, you are likely to suffer from a small electrocution. There are products out there in the market that are specifically designed for MODs.

4) Keep the Charger and Other Devices Away from Children

You need to hide your chargers and hardware devices from children in the same way you hide your e-liquids from them. The chargers may not expose the little ones to the risk of poisoning, but it can lead to small injuries in the form of a mild electrocution. Keep the charger locked up inside a drawer and take it out only when needed.