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4 Expert Tips on Reviewing E-Liquids


1) Do Not Base Your Final Remarks on Your Initial Thoughts

It is very natural for you to have a first impression about a product. Your initial thoughts about a product may or may not be correct. Once you have done your research on the product, your thoughts about it are likely to change drastically. Never judge a book by its cover. You can never know whether an e-liquid is the next big hit by simply looking at its packaging or reading the name of its manufacturer. Try out the product and take into account the opinions of actual users before posting your final review and publicizing your concluding remarks.

2) Do Not Write Boring Reviews

A good reviewer, according to conventional rules, is supposed to be totally unbiased and neutral. However, such reviewers are not always commercially successful. If you want your reviews to be popular in the vaping community, you need to allow a little bit of your personal taste to influence your reviews. People like to read reviews that they can relate to as consumers. In other words, people love dynamic reviews where you are able to portray an intriguing character and shed light on your preferences in a very subtle manner. It is similar to perfectly executed colour commentary, which is a lot more interesting than play-by-play commentary. Do not turn your reviews into mechanical pieces of writing that induces boredom. At the same time, refrain yourself from going on rants or presenting exaggerated descriptions. If you do that, you will compromise your legitimacy as a reviewer. The end goal is to find the perfect balance between accuracy and entertainment.

3) Focus on the E-Liquid Flavour Character

Describing the flavour of the e-liquid is the easy part. The challenge lies in presenting the e-liquid flavour character. What exactly is an e-liquid flavour character? It is the specific details about how the taste of the e-liquid can change due to a variety of reasons. The flavour profile changes in accordance to the time of the day. It can change due to a shift in the device that is being used. Adjustments in the wattage can also bring about a change in the e-liquid taste. Make sure that you are able to accommodate all these changes into your writing. Just because you did not like a particular e-liquid at a specific moment, does not mean that it is going to taste bad during other times of the day or in a different device.

4) Maintain Your Integrity

As mentioned before, it is okay to add a little bit of colour to your reviews. There is nothing wrong in praising an e-liquid that you really love or criticizing an e-liquid that turned out to be waste of time. However, do not be tempted into promoting a bad product just because you are paid to do so. Regardless of high the commissions are, do not lose your dignity in the eyes of your readers in an attempt to maintain a healthy relationship with an e-liquid producer.