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4 Easy To Remember Rules of Public Vaping


Just because vaping is a lot safer than smoking does not mean that a vaper has the license to use his vape products irresponsibly, especially in public. You need to be a proud, exemplary and responsible ambassador of the vaping lifestyle if you want to see your vaping community flourish and expand beyond expectations. Enforcing or following basic rules of public vaping is important for a number of reasons. First and foremost, vaping is a relatively new activity that has been around for a handful of years at most. This is why many people in the United States of America are not aware of what vaping really is and how vape products are meant to function. Many of them are still under the impression that vaping is a fancy extension of smoking, which causes the same level of damage to the users and bystanders. If you want people to get rid of their misconceptions, then you need to learn how to vape responsibly in public.

Furthermore, it is important for vapers to be careful about not giving the watchful critics of e-cigarettes an excuse or free opportunity to launch a fresh protest against vaping. Mainstream media is very quick to highlight the so called negatives of vaping, and much of that has to do with how eager the critics are to vilify vaping and make it look like the worst thing in the world. Every time you vape irresponsibly in public, the critics get a free pass to disgrace the vaping community. If you want to prevent yourself from doing that, take note of these four simple rules of public vaping:

1) Do Not Make Any Assumptions

There are a lot of rookie vapers out there who make the mistake of assuming that they can smoke anywhere and everywhere. Never make such assumptions before taking out your vaping device and e-liquid. Be sure to always ask or inquire whether it is acceptable for you to vape in a particular place. There is no harm in simply asking a question. It is certainly a better option than ruining the peace of bystanders by vaping without their permission. Even if a person does not hold the legal right to prevent you from vaping, learn how to acknowledge the concerns and inconveniences of others. Remember, vaping is still in its early days. Any person who is involved in the use of e-cigarettes and e-liquids should be an ideal advocate and ambassador of these products. You cannot become such a person unless you are someone who takes others’ needs and wishes into serious consideration. The key here is to promote a positive image of the vaping community.

2) Keep the Clouds At Home

As a vaper, it is quite natural for you to be fascinated by the enormous vapour clouds. Vapour clouds are indeed a sight to behold, but they are better left at home, away from the eyes of people who have little to no interest in having their environment engulfed in vapour clouds from e-cigarettes. Depending on where you are and who you are dealing with, releasing massive vapour clouds into the air may be perceived as a form is misbehaviour. You will come off as an inconsiderate person who has very little regard for the comfort and convenience of others. Before people start labelling you and before the critics of e-cigarettes come out with all guns blazing, you need to keep away your high-voltage, sub-ohm gear at home and prevent yourself from getting unwanted attention.

3) Do Not Vape When Children Are Around

Vaping is a much healthier option than smoking. There is hardly any doubt about that statement. However, it does not change the fact that vaping is an activity that should not be promoted in front of young audiences. Children do not need to know about your vaping products and vaping habits. Hence, you are strongly advised to stay away from children when engaging in the act of vaping. When these children grow into adults, they can find out information about vaping on their own. Till then, it is preferable that they remain in the dark about vaping.

4) Be An Educator

There is a difference between promoting the vaping lifestyle and educating people about the vaping lifestyle. Promoting the act of vaping should basically be centred around the idea of letting people know the benefits of vaping and enlightening them on why it is better than smoking. Educating people on the other hand is a whole different ball game. There are many consumers out there who are well aware of the fact that vaping is safer and healthier than smoking, but have very little knowledge about how vaping products work. Whenever somebody asks you about your e-cigarette, try to educate them on how vaping products function instead of going on a rant against conventional smoking.