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3 Summer Vaping Tips for the Flexible Vapers


Flexibility as a consumer is strongly recommended for anyone who is a regular user of vape products. What flexibility does is that it allows you to explore the world of vaping and not stay confined within your own comfort zone. There is nothing wrong with having your favourite selection of e-cigarette devices or your favourite list of e-liquid products. You can stick with those for as long as you want. However, once in a blue moon, you are advised to bring about a few changes in your vaping habits to experience what is out there and what this industry has to offer you.

We have statistics to confirm that there are more than 7,700 flavours of e-liquid products out there in the market. There are more than 400 brands that are producing e-liquids every single day. Do you really think it is a wise idea to always buy from the same flavour from the same brand without giving any of the other e-liquids in the market a try? Do you think it makes sense to keep using the same hardware for your e-cigarette device without taking a look at the numerous modification options that vaping community has to offer? The answer is no. This is why it is so important to be an informed and curious consumer who wants to browse the market and find out what they are missing out on.

If you want to be a flexible consumer, then you should do it in accordance to the change in season. In other words, as the season changes, vapers should try to alter their preferences so that they can optimize their vaping experience during that particular season. One of the best times of the year to make changes as a consumer is summer. With the drastic change in weather, you need to change your vaping options to make your vaping sessions more enjoyable. Here are three summer vaping tips that you should take heed of every single year:

1) E-Cig Batteries

One of the rookie errors that vapers make during the months of summer is leaving their vaping products exposed to the direct rays of the sun. It is also quite silly to leave your vaping products inside the car when you have scorching heat outside. The high temperature can affect the quality of lithium-based e-cigarette batteries significantly. If you are using a variable voltage battery, you are recommended to drop the voltage a little to prevent the batteries from getting damaged by the heat. You should also try to store your batteries separately. There is no need to keep the vape products and the batteries together when the device is not in use. If the metal ends come into contact with one another or any other type of metal, they can short out. The best option is to use one sock per battery.

Furthermore, you are advised against using the car’s USB socket or cigarette lighter adapter. The reason for that is because they warm up too easily in the blistering heat of the American summer. Moreover, it is advisable to exercise caution at all times and keep an eye out for damage every time your battery is being charged. This may sound like a lot of work, but following these safety precautions will make your summer vaping sessions a lot more delightful.

2) Travelling with Vape Products

Always carry extra vaping products with you when you are travelling in summer. There’s no knowing when these products are going to get damaged by the rising temperatures. You should make sure that you are carrying extra bottles of e-liquids and batteries just in case things go south. If you are planning on taking a foreign trip, make sure that you are carrying the right adapter with you. Do a little bit of research on the electrical systems of the country that you are going to be visiting before packing your adapter in the bag. If you bring the wrong adapter, there will be no way for you to charge the battery.

A lot of people make the mistake of leaving their vaporizer exposed. Don’t be like them. Always bring some packaging for the vaporizer. In this way, you can be an ambassador for e-cigarettes and e-liquids. It is much easier to explain vaping to someone (especially at the airport) when the vaporizer is covered in the packaging that it came in.

3) E-Liquid Storage

There are e-liquid flavours out there in the market that are tailor made for summer vaping. Refreshing lime, mint, mango or watermelon flavours can give you the boost in summer that you need to beat the heat. Regardless of the e-liquid you select, make sure that the cartomizer or the tank is properly connected to the battery as heat exposure increases the likelihood of a leakage. Also, when you are filling up you tank, use a smaller amount than usual, as the liquid will require room to expand. It goes without saying that you should store the e-liquids in a cool, dark place away from the rays of sunlight.