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3 Studies on E-Cigarettes the Critics Don’t Want You to Know


This is the age of intelligent consumerism. This means that consumers will not buy into everything that is preached by the manufacturers, marketers and advertisers. The consumers have a think tank of their own, which they use to evaluate the quality and utility of products and services. Often, during evaluation, consumers build up a negative impression about a certain product. What’s interesting is that the negative reputation may not be entirely based on the inadequacy of the product in terms of its quality and utility. Many a times, consumers simply despise a product for reasons that are not very rational.

When such a situation arises, the consumers become a part of the critics’ society. Nearly every single product in the world has its fair share of critics, including e-cigarettes and e-liquids. It is completely normal for people to have differing opinions about a product or activity. However, what we have noticed in the short time that e-cigarettes have been in existence is that the critics of vaping are some of the most aggressive and obsessive detractors in the world. It is almost as if they will leave no stone unturned to make other consumers develop a sense of contempt towards vaping and regard it as a demerit good that needs to be outlawed.

When there is such bitterness and passion among the critics, you can expect them to conveniently conceal and hide a lot of information from the general masses so that they can prevent people from learning about vaping and vape products in the way that they are entitled to. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of studies on e-cigarettes that are intentionally ignored by critics in an attempt to vilify vape products and vaping as a whole. Read on to learn about three such eye-opening studies:

1) Cigarette Smoke Contains Far More Toxins than E-Liquid Vapour

A lot of the studies that portray a clear comparison between cigarette smoke and e-liquid vapour are often buried deep inside the archives of Tobacco Control, never to be revealed to the public again. This is not very surprising, given the fact that the tobacco industry is gigantic compared to the e-liquid industry, which is still in its developmental stages. In other words, the manufacturers of tobacco products have a much greater influence across a number of levels than the manufacturers of vape products have. This is the reason why the study that that proved that e-liquid vapour contains 450 times fewer toxins than cigarette smoke is something that not a lot of people have read about. According to the results of this study, e-cigarettes are clearly the much safer option between the two. In fact, the study makes it quite clear that any potential danger associated with second hand vapour emitted from e-cigarettes is nothing more than a sensational myth that the critics have fabricated to mislead and misguide consumers. The toxins in tobacco smoke that we are talking about here are carcinogens, which are chemical substances that have the potential to facilitate the growth of cancerous cells.

2) Household Cleaners Are More Likely to Cause Poisoning in Children than Vape Products

This is a shocking statement to say the least, but it is true nonetheless. The mainstream media has been full of sensational news and reports that urge people to call for the ban of vape products on grounds that e-liquids can poison children and cause death. There is no denying the fact that irresponsible handling of e-liquid products by parents can raise the risk of children being poisoned by the products, but to what extent? According to a 2013 report from the American Association of Poison Control, the probability of a child being poisoned by e-liquid products is very low. As a matter of fact, there is a greater possibility of children being poisoned by cosmetics and household cleaners.

3) Vaping Makes it Easier to Quit Smoking

Smoking is an addiction that can literally kill you. The sooner you throw this addiction out the window, the better are your chances of living a long, healthy and prosperous life. The problem with smoking is that it is an extremely difficult addiction to get rid of. A lot of smokers make genuine attempts to give up smoking, but end up failing miserably nearly every single time. This is why it is so important for chain smokers to make use of some sort of assistance when trying to eliminate smoking from their lives. Vape products can serve as the perfect assistance. E-liquids contain a variable amount of nicotine, which is the addictive chemical substance in tobacco that keeps people hooked to cigarettes. According to the experts at UK Action on Health and Smoking, vaping e-liquids can help smokers eradicate the smoking addiction from their lives. The evidence is strong enough for us to believe that vaping is a simple solution to the smoking predicament.