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3 Most Common Questions Asked By New Vapers

3 Most Common Questions Asked By New Vapers

3 Most Common Questions Asked By New Vapers

If you are new to e-liquid inhaling, then there is a lot of things that you have to get up to speed with before you can become a proud member of the vaping community. It is quite understandable for a person to be slightly confused when stepping into the world of vaping for the first time. It is very normal for a new user of e-liquids to be anxious about having his or her questions answered. Vaping is completely different from smoking, and that is the exact reason why people do it.

For your convenience, we have lined up the three most common questions asked by new vapers. This should help you acquaint yourself with the basics of vaping and give you a better understanding of how to make the best use of e-liquids. So without further ado, here are answers to the three questions that must have been nagging you for a while now:

1) What Kind of E-Liquid and E-Cigarette Should I Get?

This is the kind of question that every consumer asks when they are looking to buy a brand new product. A product is exactly what an e-liquid and an e-cigarette should be treated as. When you have decided to give vaping a try, you need to realize that selecting an e-cigarette and its complementary e-liquid will not be too different from selecting the other products that you buy every single day. As is the case with product selection, there is no definite answer to what kind of goods you should buy. It all depends on your level of comfort and your individual preferences.

The more sensible question would be, “how do I select an e-cigarette and an e-liquid?” This is where you need to take into account a few different selection criteria. E-liquids and e-cigarettes can be categorized in accordance to product type, brand, price and models. The kind of product that you end up choosing will be based on your desired vaping experience. Some people look for a hand to mouth cigarette, in which case, a cig-a-like is the best option. Some people love exciting flavours in their e-liquid. If you are like those people, then you may want to try out products such as Lorann Hard Candy Flavouring Oils.

The individual devices can also be easily customized. That is one of the best things about vaping. It gives you full control, as opposed to traditional smoking that takes control over you.

2) How Much Will Vaping Cost Me Up Front?

The cost of kick starting the vaping experience is more than what it would take you to go out and buy a pack of smokes. That being said, the overall cost may not be as high as you may think or as some people may have claimed it to be. Going for a basic kit that contains a rechargeable e-cig model is the best option for the newcomers in the vaping community. Many of these basic kits are very easily affordable. You definitely do not have to break your bank to buy them. The price of basic kits ranges between $20 and $75. If you are looking for advanced kits, then you may have to pay a premium price.

If you have become a vaper to enjoy the flavours in e-liquids, then there is no reason for you to worry. Flavourings, much like the kit themselves, are not beyond the budget of the average consumer. For example, four 1 oz bottles of cheesecake flavouring (yes, you even get to enjoy cheesecakes through vaping) will cost you no more than $25.

3) Will Vaping Reduce My Expenses In the Long Term?

A lot of the new vapers have turned to e-liquid inhalation in an effort to curb down their expenses on smoking. The upfront cost of vaping maybe more than that of smoking. However, giving up smoking and switching over to vaping can make your wallet considerably fatter. The average amount of money that a smoker spends annually ranges between $1,500 and $5,000. That is a lot of money to spend on smoking. Most smokers are struggling to keep up with the rising prices. This has compelled them to look for an alternative in e-liquid inhalation.

E-cigarettes that can be recharged and refilled will save you a lot of money over the course of a year. In fact, people who use rechargeable cigs are always on pace to save up to $1,800 a year (provided that they no longer smoke cigarettes). If refillable tanks are used for e-liquids, then the savings can be pushed to $1,900.

The statistics are incredible to say the least. In an economy where expenses are spiralling upwards every single day, e-liquid inhalation is definitely a life saver for anyone who is looking to effectively reduce costs.