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Warning: Imitation E-Liquid Products Are Spreading in the Black Market

Warning: Imitation E-Liquid Products Are Spreading in the Black Market

Warning: Imitation E-Liquid Products Are Spreading in the Black Market

People within the vaping community have to deal with a number of issues every now and then. This is quite common for the consumers in an industry that is booming. It would be an understatement to say the e-cigarette and e-liquid business is growing rapidly. The potential market for these two products is gigantic. If the production, distribution and marketing are done correctly, then we could soon see e-cigarettes and e-liquids taking over cigarettes and tobacco. Instead of smokers, America is going to have vapers who will be leading much healthier lives than the smoking addicts in the country today.

The Problem with Having Massive Variety:

The e-cigarette market has actually grown faster than anyone could have predicted or anticipated. The worldwide sales of e-cigarettes and e-liquids are projected to exceed $9 billion in the next year. In fact, the experts wouldn’t even be surprised if the sales are much higher than the initial projections. If only regulations were a little more lax and if the critics gave up on their mission to deter smokers from switching over to vaping, then the sales would have grown even more exponentially. Despite that, the market is still huge and optimists within the vaping community believe that e-cigarette and e-liquids are yet to peak as products. When you have such a massive market, there is going to be a huge amount of variety for consumers to enjoy. Great variety is usually good news for the customers, but sometimes it can create problems that become very difficult to manage. One of these problems is the illicit trading of e-liquid and e-cigarette products across international borders.

Imitation E-Liquids and Hardware Devices:

The reports have come in from the e-cigarette/e-liquid manufacturers and law enforcement agencies that counterfeits are taking advantage of the booming market by supplying the vapers with substandard, mediocre and unregulated products. This creates a lot of problems for the vapers and the e-cigarette industry at large. Earlier in 2015, the Wall Street Journal published a news report on the rise of phony manufacturers and traders of e-liquid and e-cigarette products. People working at Wall Street Journal contacted one of the premier manufacturers of vaping products in the United Kingdom named Liberty Flights Ltd. The company is known to provide a range of safe vaping products for its clients. According to what the company had to say, there are a lot of imitation products in the market that resemble their goods and those of other reputable brands. There are imitation versions of both the hardware devices and the e-liquids. This means that counterfeits are making a genuine attempt to cut the market share of legal manufacturers by exploiting the unaware and misinformed consumers.

Why Consumers Are Buying from the Counterfeits:

Generally, vapers are very meticulous about the quality of the products that they use. Vapers in the United States and in the United Kingdom would not be satisfied with using e-liquids that contain contaminated and unsafe chemicals in the flavouring. That being said, the counterfeits are being able to win over the consumers by offering products at much lower price points. In order to do this, the counterfeits are producing e-liquid and e-cigarette hardware imitations by using cheaper materials, substandard chemical substances and cheaper labour (some experts believe that imitations are manufactured by workers who are victims of human trafficking). All things considered, the imitations appear to be a great deal for the consumers on the outside who fail to realize that they are supporting illegal trade and ruining the image of vaping community by getting the black market involved.

Imitation E-Liquid: A Health Hazard:

To some consumers, there might not be much of a difference between buying the original product and the imitation. However, there are a number of hidden costs attached to these “cheaper” imitation products. Since imitation products are made with low quality materials, you cannot expect the batteries to recharge all the time. If they fail to do so, then you have completely wasted your money on the imitation product. The real danger however lies in the imitation e-liquids. The last thing you would want to do is bring one of these homes. Not only will the low quality imitation e-liquids turn your vaping experience into a complete nightmare, but it will also put your health at unimaginable risk as it contains dangerously high levels of nicotine, toxins and other harmful particles. When making those e-liquids, the counterfeits ensure that they create a product that is incredibly addictive. This can only be achieved by not complying with basic e-liquid safety standards.

Will Regulations Help the Black Market?

The moment regulations are imposed and tightened on the real product, the counterfeiters have a chance to make the black market thrive. This is why it is so important for the entire vaping community (the consumers, manufacturers and distributors) to unite and combat the counterfeits that are adamant on shoving imitation products down everyone’s throat.

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