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Vaping and Smoking at the Same Time Can Improve Your Health

Vaping and Smoking at the Same Time Can Improve Your Health

Vaping and Smoking at the Same Time Can Improve Your Health

Anyone who has ever been addicted to smoking knows exactly how difficult it is to get rid of the addiction and kick smoking out the door. Every single year, hundreds of thousands of smokers make a genuine attempt to give up smoking, but fail miserably for a number of reasons. This is why people tend to be very sceptical about any solution that promises to help the nicotine addicts quit smoking.

Can E-Cigarettes Alleviate Smoking Addiction?

When e-cigarettes were developed, people believed that it would only serve as a complementary good to cigarettes as opposed to a supplementary good. Only a handful of individuals perceived e-cigarettes as the perfect tool for people who are looking to quit smoking. Given how strong the addiction to cigarettes is, it is hard to imagine that another similar product, regardless of how much safer it might be, will be able to slowly push smoking away from a person’s life. The results of a number of tests suggest that inhaling e-liquid vapour can actually help a person take the first step towards quitting cigarettes. However, it is a slow and steady process that requires a decent amount of time. This begs the question, “can smoking and vaping during the transition period be of any benefit to your health?”

People Believe that Vaping and Smoking At the Same Time is Harmful

As we uncover more and more horrendous facts about the dangers of traditional smoking, it becomes harder to believe that smoking and vaping at the same time can be good for the body in any way. Since you are still taking in cigarette smoke, your body is being exposed to contaminants that injure the lungs. Vaping e-liquids, according to what the average consumer knows, will not help a person to prevent or reverse lung damage unless he or she gives up smoking.

Dual Users Can Still Reap the Rewards of Vaping

A person who smokes cigarettes and inhales e-liquid vapour is referred to as a dual user. Dual users are perceived by others as individuals who are failing to utilize the benefits of switching over to e-cigarettes. While a lot of people know that adopting e-cigarettes in place of cigarettes can improve the health of a person and save expenses in the long run, many are still unaware of the fact that vaping and smoking at the same time can still benefit a person’s health.

Reduced Consumption of Smoking

You are probably confused as to how smoking and vaping at the same time can be good for you. Let us explain. When a person starts inhaling a substantial amount of e-liquid vapour (people who simply experiment with it once in a blue moon do not count), he or she becomes less likely to continue smoking cigarettes at the same rate that he or she used to do before taking up e-cigarettes. In other words, once you adopt e-cigarettes, there is a significant reduction in your cigarette consumption. The less number of cigarettes you smoke, the healthier your body will be. How can we be so sure of that? There are statistics to suggest that 75% to 90% of vapers who were once dedicated tobacco smokers (used nothing other than cigarettes) reduced their consumption of cigarettes after they started using e-cigarettes and e-liquids on a regular basis.

Increasing E-Liquid Vapour Consumption Decreases Cigarette Smoke Consumption

The critics of e-cigarettes, who are always on the lookout to vilify e-liquid vapour inhalation, argue that it is absolutely impossible to enjoy the benefits of e-cigarettes unless a person quits smoking completely. We all know the addiction to smoking is something that a person cannot give up overnight. The addiction needs to fade away slowly and in phases. This is where e-cigarettes and e-liquids can be so helpful. By slowing increasing your consumption of e-liquid vapour, you will be able to make sure that you are gradually slipping away from tobacco.

2 Reasons Why You Would Want to Decrease Cigarette Consumption

There are two simple reasons why you would want to cut down on your cigarette consumption.

First of all, there is only a certain amount of puffs that you can take per day. Once you incorporate e-liquids into your “smoking diet”, you will have to either cut down on the number of puffs of cigarette smoke or increase the number of puffs you take per day. Even the most fanatic smokers would not be willing to raise the number of daily puffs just to accommodate e-cigarettes into the routine.

The other reason why you would want to reduce your consumption of cigarettes deals with increased expenditure. If a vaper continues to smoke at the same rate as he or she did before, then there will be a significant rise in monthly expenses. Once your wallet starts to feel lighter, you would be naturally inclined to buy a few less packs of cigarettes.

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