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The Smoker's Angel Halo E-Liquid

The Smoker’s Angel is a UK company that’s based in Swansea, Wales. They originally launched as an online vendor in 2008, since then they’ve branched out to a number of brick and mortar retail stores, and now they’ve just recently added their own range of premium e-liquids to their resume. These juices are manufactured in the UK, using only the finest UK sourced premium quality ingredients (for all non tobacco e-liquids).

What I really like about their range of premium juices is the fact that they’re steeped during the manufacturing process. This means their e-liquids are good to vape as soon as you get your hands on them, further steeping is optional, but by no means a requirement, unlike many other brands.

Their e-liquids are rigorously tested in-house by their own pharmacologist, in addition, they also send batch samples to Government approved laboratories to verify purity, and nicotine levels. They do their own flavor testing in house prior to launching their juices, you can tell immediately when you open their bottles that these are juices, created by vapers, for vapers.

They’ve done a number of interviews with high profile scientists, all which can be read on their blog. They’ve also conducted studies in conjunction with the University of Alberta. You’ll find all sorts of useful and interesting information on their home page and blog.

In addition to e-liquid, they stock a wide array of disposable e-cigs, starter kits, batteries, atomizers, cartridges and much more. Items are shipped lightning fast and they’re very friendly and efficient with regards all things customer service related. They’re an absolute pleasure to deal with in every regard. Like most vendors they also offer loyalty rewards system, which gives customers discounts on future orders.

The range of premium flavors is still somewhat limited as they were just launched, you can expect many more new arrivals in the very near future. Items can be ordered from the link above, or at their alternative website

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