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Highbrow Vapor Caramel Cake

Highbrow Caramel Cake Review

Pink Vaper has already covered Highbrow’s caramel flavor, you can read the review here. As you can see she didn’t hold back any praise for the quality of the flavor. I totally agree with her, it’s up there with some ...

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Highbrow Vapor Tabac de Perique

Highbrow Vapor Perique De Tabac E-liquid Review Preview

This is one of the more interesting and unique tobacco extracts I’ve had the pleasure of sampling. Highbrow vapor describe Tabac de Perique, as a combination of burley and perique tobacco, with an added hint of sweetness. It’s a really ...

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Highbrow Vapor Creme Brulee

Highbrow Vapor Creme Brulee Review

Highbrow vapor creme brulee is the epitome of luxury in a bottle!! I first purchased this flavor when my beloved caramel was out of stock thinking it would be a wimpy substitute but as a fan of highbrow vapor in general ...

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Highbrow Vapor Caramel

Highbrow Vapor Caramel Review

Highbrow Vapor Caramel is described as a brown sugary vape with undertones of maple.  As a self-professed lover of all vapes sweet and sugary, this is my all day, every day, go-to eliquid.  Highbrow are right – nothing can recreate ...

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