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T-Juice is based in the United Kingdom and is under the Cuts Ice umbrella. They’re one of the largest manufacturers of e-liquids in Europe. Their juices are created using medical and organic food grade ingredients sourced from both Europe and the United States. They quote their flavor extraction process as a fine art, and their catchphrase is quality over quantity. Use the t-juice discount coupon code ELIQUIDZ at checkout for a whopping 20% off all orders

They don’t produce an exceptionally wide selection of flavors, but not without good reason. This is due to the fact that they go to great lengths in perfecting each flavor. Before it’s rolled onto the production line, each of their e-liquids is meticulously tested to see if there is any more room for improvement.

They extract their flavors using organic plant matter. This gives their range of liquids a truly authentic vaping experience. Some of their tobacco range is the most realistic I’ve tested to date. Popping the cap off the bottle literally smells like the inside of a pack of cigarettes.

This is especially the case with their latest range of tobacco extracted juices. Cubana, Ice Queen and Primo Verde tobacco flavors are extracted from organic tobacco leaves. I can’t recommend these e-liquids enough. Although they aren’t as cheap as other brands, you pay for what you get, with T-Juice that’s premium quality e-liquid and flavor authenticity.

We can help somewhat with the price, all our readers are entitled to a 20% discount on all orders, just enter the code ELIQUIDZ at checkout and the discount will be applied on every order you place.

What I really admire about T-Juice is they don’t just stick to one formula. They’re continually striving to improve their flavor extraction methods and the flavors used in their range of juices. They’re currently investigating new and innovative ways to improve their production and extraction processes. They’re a company that really wants its customers to have a big smile on their face vaping their juice.

They just retail and wholesale e-liquid, you won’t find any e-cig devices or replacement parts for sale on their site. If you prefer DIY mixing, they also offer their complete range of flavors in the form of concentrates. They ship worldwide and all orders are processed and dispatched very promptly. Other key ingredients such as nicotine or PG/VG bases are not currently available to buy. You will need to source them elsewhere, though I suspect they will be available to buy on their site in the near future.

Customer service is second to none, they are fast, friendly and very efficient dealing with all queries. I highly doubt you’ll find any cause for complaint dealing with them. Their e-liquids are some of the very best on the market right now.

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