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Myliquidid is strictly an online vendor located in California. They specialize purely in juice and sell their own line of e-liquids with a truly unique selling point. DIY mixing isn’t for everyone, for some reason or another not all vapers are comfortable mixing their own batches from base ingredients at home. Myliquidid have filled a gap in the market in so far as they offer customers the unique ability to create their very own customizable flavors. All ingredients are 100% US sourced.


This is how it works, log on and click on build a flavor where you’ll be prompted to select up to 3 different flavors from a selection of over 40 options. You then have the option of adding cinnamon, menthol, sweetener and various colorings (I don’t see the point of adding unnecessary coloring to juice imho but each to their own).


Once you’ve selected all your flavoring options click on done where you’ll be taken to the final page to finalize your order and the various options. I love the options they offer on the last screen.


This is where it gets really awesome. For one you can name your new flavor creation and it will arrive printed on the bottle, but what really impresses me is they give you the option of either glass or plastic bottles and both work out at the same price. If you’re a regular reader here you’ll know I always advise going with glass parts (tanks/tubes) and bottles. It’s much safer to store your juice in glass bottles for longer periods. Granted it might add a bit to your shipping costs but at least you won’t have to worry about certain flavors reacting badly with plastic. You can also browse more flavor creations from other customers if you’re looking for inspiration for your own combinations.


PG and VG options are somewhat limited as you can only choose 100% of either or a straight 50/50 mix. Nicotine strength options are excellent and they start at 0mg and go all the way up to 18mg in 1mg increments. Nice for those who like to vape unusual nicotine strengths but also for vapers looking to slowly reduce their nicotine intake.

E-Liquid Bottle Options & Pricing

As mentioned you can opt for glass or plastic bottles, they come in two sizes 15ml and 30ml. 15ml bottles aren’t particularly great value at $8.50 per bottle but the 30ml bottles are excellent value at $12.50. It’s more or less a no brainer, go for the 30ml option.


Shipping Costs Options and Times & Returns

Due to the nature of their service, all mixes are created as they’re ordered, so it can take up to 48 hours for orders to be shipped. For local US orders they use USPS and rates are identical to USPS quoted rates. International shipping is also available and costs are calculated once you confirm your order on a per order basis, they don’t specifically state which carriers are used for international shipping. Returns are understandably not accepted, unless your products arrive damaged.



They offer a loyalty rewards program, the more you order the more you accumulate, points can be redeemed as a discount on future orders. Tip – if you sign up using your facebook account they offer you 150 points, a nice touch.



Like all the vendors I list the quality of service and after sales service offered is excellent. They have a very friendly and helpful support team and all queries are ordered and dealt with in a prompt and professional manner.

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