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Overview of Mods and Variable Voltage Vaping

E-Cigarettes Mods and Variable Voltage Vaping Explained

Mods – are they good, bad or downright ugly?

If you’re a seasoned vaper it’s highly possible you have a few mods in your arsenal and have been drawn into a world that is so much more than an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. I think it’s fair to say if you own a mod (or 7) you have made this switch to ecigs a hobby.

I say this for the simple reason that to understand what a mod is, which one is right for you and knowing what to buy and how it will fit your needs transcends the world of cig alike from a convenience store counter to something more of a past time.

So let’s dive into it a little more and perhaps take some of the mystery from these contraptions that to some are hideous and unfathomable, and yet to others the ultimate in vaping perfection!

A mod in terms of ecigarettes is a modified battery compartment. There’s no funny business going on with the actual battery that’s inserted but the casing, electronics, switches and connections are just some areas that are tinkered with to allow a more flexible and versatile vaping experience.


Aesthetically they come in many shapes and forms. Typically there’s two shapes of mod – a cylindrical tube shaped mod that’s wider and longer generally than your average ego style battery and also a box mod which is exactly as it says on the tin, shaped like a box. Another example of a mod would be a pipe mod which is a battery inserted where the pipe tobacco would usually go, I’ve even seen a cola can modified to use as an ecigarette!

Basically if it can fit an AA size battery into it, chances are most things can be “modded”. I will answer the “elephant in the room” question of why one would choose to buy and use a mod as we continue!!!


Within the two major categories of mod there are lots of things to consider and many brands and styles of mod available for each. The materials used range from beautifully hand carved wood, to brass or stainless steel and plain ol’ plastic among many others. A switch will almost always be included on the device, sometimes as a design feature and sometimes hidden. They are usually in strategic places and as an example on a tube mod at the side on underneath the mod. I have found switch placement is important – I could never get to grips with the bottom switches so this is something to take into consideration if searching for your first mod.

Switches can be mechanical or have a “lifespan”. Mechanical switches involve a little DIY to replace worn parts but are pretty much guaranteed to live longer than you or the other will have a lifespan of a certain number of clicks before it needs replacing. This too is something to consider when looking at the cost and replacement parts in future.

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