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Looming Vote on FDA E-Cigarette Regulation in The USA

US E-Cigarette FDA Regulation Looming

The FDA is back on the case of ecigarettes, proposing to amend the Tobacco Control Act, effectively banning ecigarettes currently on the market. Since 2009 the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) have been fighting a battle against ecigarettes both to ban and prevent them being labeled as a safer alternative to tobacco.

The FDA called for a ban on ecigarettes in 2009 and early in 2010 a judge with some objectivity, Justice Richard Leon struck down the FDA’s call for a ban as “unlawful”. Back then ecigarettes were a newly emerging market. Today, the number of people to switch to ecigarettes is growing daily and acceptance and wider knowledge of ecigarettes is rapidly growing.

From a petition in 2011 of 5,000 signatures to 25,000 in 2013 in support of our cause to the Whitehouse, it’s clear our voice is louder than ever and we will not sit back and watch our safer alternative to a life addicted to cigarettes be stolen by a nanny state who claims to have our best interests in mind but with a root cause of controlling and dominating a market that has huge potential.

In Europe, vapers are currently winning the battle (the war is far from over) to keep control of ecigarettes out of the hands of pharmaceutical manufacturers (this piece in Forbes Magazine sums it up nicely) with the proposed regulation by European Parliament declined earlier this month.

What I find to be the most worrying of all aspects to this whole debacle is the use and misuse of statistics and skewing of results of studies. The ever present holes in arguments and my own personal experience of ecigarettes lead me to call foul play on a lot of the tinkering going on behind the scenes and scare mongering tactics against ecigarettes.

I for one have been using ecigarettes for 4 years and can personally attest to their effectiveness as I simply don’t smoke anymore, but should a ban on ecigarettes occur, I, like many others will probably go back to traditional cigarettes.  Sad but true, I enjoy smoking and never intended to give up – I don’t feel I have “given up” and that’s why I always refer to it as a switch to a safer alternative.

But The FDA and CDC have both twisted and misrepresented results to their own advantage with little heed to the general public. We don’t all believe what we read in the papers but should we really have to double check the accuracy of such as the FDA and CDC?!! If you feel the desire to be rallied further into taking action this Forbes piece is somewhat inspiring to the purpose:

Despite these undeniable facts, the officials at our CDC and the FDA continue to tell smokers to stick with the “approved” products, and warn them against e-cigarettes — based on hypothetical fears, while perversely ignoring the body count..

But what exactly is the FDA proposing? The FDA wish to propose a ban on ecigarettes in their current form and prohibit e-cig companies claiming that ecigarettes are “smoke free” or less hazardous than cigarettes. What this will mean is excessive regulation – we can be assured of paying a lot more for our ecigarettes in future with restrictions on marketing and advertising which will mean we will no longer see the better deals available and newer devices and better quality kits coming through.

Nicotine and flavor restrictions could also see the variety and strength we see currently, wiped out.  Lower strengths for some will mean they may not get sufficient nicotine to successfully switch as they may still crave regular tobacco and as a part of camp “when I switched to ecigarettes I left the ashtray behind”, without a variety of flavors some may just never find the right flavor that compliments their set up to switch.

So what can we do? We can sit back, read the latest e-cig news and think that our one voice is not enough to rival the FDA or we can take action and take control of the situation along with thousands of others who fight for the cause.

I don’t want to die from a smoking related disease so I am doing my part – be selfish and think of what you want – do you want your choice taken away from you? If you let the FDA get their way you will hand over your current rights and the freedom to choose what strength nicotine and what flavors are suitable for you. Will you be told what is good for you?

Sadly, what you need is not important to the FDA – it’s what they want that matters most to them – money and power. A very sad day will come very soon if we throw our hands up and admit defeat before the battle has ended.

The race may be close to the half way mark but it is certainly still anyone’s game, and we have the one thing that we know to be true on our side –so let’s talk to our US senators and representatives and tell them our story, one that needs no bells or whistles, no deviation from fact or ideal outcome that we twist and contrive to serve us – the simple truth, ecigarettes ARE a safer alternative to smoking.

To get this message across I urge you to write to your senators and representatives, giving your experience of ecigarettes and the effect ecigarettes have had on you personally and what the changes in regulation would ultimately mean to you. This regulation cannot be passed without their vote so give them the ammunition they need to make the right choice on your behalf. You’ll find all the necessary information for contact details and relevant points to include at the following link.

To stay informed on Federal, State and local issues regarding e-cigarettes, there is no better authoritative resource than the CASAA website.

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