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List of Worldwide Ecig Vendors

List of International Ecig Vendors

We only list e-cig vendors and eliquid manufacturers that we know and trust to offer a hassle free service with after sales service to match. We don’t appreciate price gougers or cowboys in the industry who offer shoddy products and a sub-par service. You won’t find any listed here as we only recommend those that have a reputation for excellence in every facet of their business. If you’re looking for discount and coupon codes head over to this page.


Chinese Vendor  Fast Tech

A major Hong Kong based online electronics retail outlet who also happen to stock an impressive range of devices and Chinese eliquids at rock bottom prices. They offer free international shipping. As with many Chinese vendors  shipping delays are not uncommon, a degree of patience is required when ordering e-cigs or juice from China to Europe or the US. No discount code available Read more…

Chinese Vendor  Health Cabin

Supplies a wide array of e-liquids, devices from most major electronic cigarette brands. If you need your supplies delivered quickly, don’t choose standard airmail. Delivery from China can be painfully slow via registered Chinese airmail. Great prices and huge selection of items. No discount code available Read more…


UK Vendor  T-Juice

Located in the UK. They manufacture and stock premium quality e-liquids with some flavors extracted from organic tobacco leaves. Probably some of the best tobacco flavored juices available on the market, and their gourmet range boasts some quality flavors. T-juice discount coupon code ELIQUIDZ at checkout for 20% off all orders. Read more…

Irish Vendors  E-Cigaretteshop – S&Heaven

One of newer Irish based online vendors, they stock some quality US juices at fantastic prices, they’ve got Halo and Zeus along with a great selection of competitively priced Chinese juices. They’ve a decent selection of e-cigs and starter kits but don’t yet stock many mods and only ego style batteries. They operate from Kiladare, Ireland. Free shipping is available for Irish customers for orders over 40 EUR and they’ve a loyalty rewards program. Use discount voucher code ELIQUIDZ for 5% off all orders Read more…

Irish Vendors  Ezsmoke

Ezsmoke stock a nice selection of e-cigs, parts and juices. They’re based in Galway, Ireland. Weekly discount specials are available and they offer free local shipping with orders over 50 EUR. They’ve also got two custom lines of premium juice created for them by Concept Liquids and Cuts Ice.  For 5% discount on orders use code ELIQUIDZ Read more…

California – CA

US Vendors  Myliquidid

Myliquidid offer a very unique service, they only sell their own line of juice but what’s unique is that you can create your very own tailor made juice. All ingredients are US sourced. If DIY mixing isn’t for you but you want the flexibility it offers, this is an ideal vendor to choose. They’re located in California but offer shipping across the States and internationally. You can even choose your own preference of glass or plastic bottles and nicotine strength options range from 0-18mg in 1mg increments. Loyalty reward points are applied on all orders which can be redeemed for discounts on future orders. They’re good value at $12.50 for 30ml glass or plastic bottles. Read more…

US Vendors  Highbrow Vapor

Highbrow Vapor is a family run manufacturer of premium e-liquids,  located in Fresno, California. They create their own range of juices from home made flavorings, and from some of the finest manufacturers.  They only stock juice but it’s tasty stuff with potent flavor. Read more…

New Jersey – NJ

US Vendors  Halocigs

The official Halo online retail outlet. Halo make really high quality e-liquid with a fantastic range of flavors. They now also sell their own brand of e-cigs. Use discount coupon code “ELIQUIDZ”, for 5% off your order. Worldwide shipping available in a variety of options. Read more…

North Carolina – NC

US Vendors  Madvapes

Madvapes stock a ridiculously large collection of all things e-cigs and parts along with their own brand of juice created from in-house flavorings. They operate in eight different store locations throughout North Carolina. They’ve established themselves as one of the best and biggest online e-cig vendors in the business. Free shipping on orders over $100. No discount code available. Read more…

Virginia – VA

US Vendors  Mom and Pop Vapor Shop

Mom and Pop Vapor produce hand crafted gourmet e-liquids using quality flavorings. By default all their juices are 50/50 PG and VG based but these can be customized when placing your order.  They also stock an impressive range of e-cig batteries and atomizer devices, they’re a one-stop shop for all vaping supplies. They ship worldwide. Read more…

Washington – WA

US Vendors  Mt Baker Vapor

Mount Baker Vapor boast one of the largest flavor selection of premium US made juice. You can get lost browsing through the selection of flavors however if you can find a flavor you really like, the great news is they’re really cheap. Domestic orders get a free 15ml bottle included and there’s free shipping on orders over $50. They’re also a vendor for a pretty great selection of quality e-cig mods, batteries, parts etc. International shipping is available but unfortunately international orders aren’t eligible for the free 15ml bottle promo. They also sell all the ingredients they use for DIY mixing. Discount codes offered via email Read more…

Monroe, Washington – WA

US Vendors  ProVape Premium Juice & ProVari Mods

ProVape manufacture some of the best battery mods available on the market. In terms of build quality and durability there are few who can compete with them, you may or may now have heard the name ProVari before. ProVari mods are manufactured in the US and ProVape take pride in the products they manufacture and sell. It’s true they don’t come cheap but this is because the materials and parts used are like most things manufactured in the US, they’re generally of a much higher standard. They also sell their own line of premium quality e-liquids, created using 100% sourced US base ingredients.  Seasonal discount codes are offered directly by them through facebook and twitter. Read more…

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