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Information on Chinese E-Liquid Manufacturers


Everything is made in China.” That is the theory that we are made to believe here in the United States. It is not as much of a theory as it is a questionable social perception that most Americans have. The reason why people harbour such an opinion of China is because a lot of the products, if not the majority, that are sold in America are manufactured in China. Even your beloved iPhone and Apple products are made in the country with the largest population. There are many reasons why manufacturers resort to overseas production in China. One of those reasons is cheap labour cost. The labour cost in our country is much higher than that in many of the Asian countries including China. Their cheap labour cost is what allows us to buy products at a much reduced price. We are talking about products from across a wide range of industries. Vaping products, which are nowhere near as popular in China as it is in the United States, are also manufactured in China in bulk quantities. E-liquids in particular are manufactured overseas. How good are these e-liquids of Chinese make? Let’s find out!

Controversy Surrounding Chinese Products

Whenever you are looking at a product that has been made in China, there is bound to be some controversy surrounding that product. The same can be said about the e-juice that is being manufactured in China. There are many people within the vaping community who are not happy about the fact that Chinese products are slowly infiltrating the U.S. e-liquid market. There are many reasons why a person may opt to avoid Chinese vaping products, especially the e-liquids. That being said, there is no concrete evidence that gives us room to assume that the Chinese flavouring companies such as Hangsen and Dekang are producing e-liquids that do not comply with the U.S. safety standards. There is no proof as of yet, but the concerns are still there. Since there is a certain degree of controversy involved, you need to be cautious about purchasing Chinese e-liquid products. It would be wrong for us to tell you that all of the e-liquids that are manufactured in China are bad, but we can still advise you to go for American made e-liquids as they are the safer option by a country mile.

Lack of Information on Quality Control

When you are buying the average Chinese e-liquid product, there are two obvious problems that you can notice right away. The first problem is quality control. The manufacturers in China do not exactly have a great reputation for ensuring quality control for each and every single one of their products. Over the years, American e-liquid manufacturers have done a much better job of making sure that consumers are spending their money on high quality products that are worth the expenditure. The lack of quality control does not mean that the Chinese products that are being shipped to the U.S. contain harmful chemical substances. However, we need to look beyond the chemical composition and focus more on the manufacturing process. What kind of equipments are the Chinese manufacturers using when producing e-liquids? Are those equipments hygienic? Are the e-liquids being prepared in an environment that meets U.S. safety standards? There are a lot of question marks that the manufacturers have not addressed as of yet. If the e-liquids are not being made in a lab grade environment like the ones being manufactured here, then there is always the risk of discovering traces of heavy metals in the Chinese e-liquids.

The questions that we have just mentioned are speculation to some extent. However, we are not trying to vilify the Chinese manufacturers or make you despise them for no reason. As a consumer in America, you should always pay close attention to the quality control of a product. If the American manufacturers are doing a better job of ensuring quality, then why not buy from them?

Mediocre and Substandard Taste

Unless you are one of those boring vapers who have no interest in handpicking their e-liquid flavours, taste should be of great importance to you. The taste of the e-liquid flavour can make or break your vaping experience. As far as the taste is concerned, China has a lot of catching up to do. Numerous vapers who have tried out Chinese e-liquids were questioned about the taste of the product and the general consensus was that the overseas product tasted quite awful in comparison to the American ones.

Is the Cheaper Product Worth It?

Chinese e-liquids may be available at a lower price, but do you really want to compromise the quality and taste for the sake of paying a few dollars less for the product? A mediocre or substandard product can ruin your vaping experience. As an intelligent and informed consumer, you cannot allow that to happen to you.