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The World’s First Airport Designated Vaping Zone

Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 E-Cigarette Vaping zone

Terminal 4 Departure Lounge

The world’s first official airport vaping zone is due to open in London’s Heathrow airport in November 2013. The project is being spearheaded by e-cigarette manufacturer Gamucci. Currently Heathrow airport treats e-cigarettes much the same way as traditional cigarettes, up until now vapers were effectively labeled as smokers by Heathrow airport.

Heathrow airport has no designated smoking zones located within any of the main terminal buildings, before this announcement vapers were expected to use their e-cigs among smokers in designated smoking zones located outside, a notion that would most likely disgust the majority of e-cig users.

This is very welcome news and a great step forward by Heathrow airport to recognize that vapers are not smokers. While seasoned vapers have no doubt mastered the art of stealth vaping in public places, at least now they have some comfort in the knowledge that they have a designated area where they will be at liberty to vape when travelling through Heathrow airport.

The vaping zone will open on 25th November and will be located within the international departure area at Terminal 4. Sensible age restrictions will be enforced with no persons under the age of 18 permitted to enter.

This is another positive move for e-cig users, slowly but surely views and opinions on e-cigs are evolving, vapers should not be classed as smokers and we certainly shouldn’t be forced to vape in designated areas within the vicinity of smokers.

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