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The Health Cabin is based in Xiamen, China. For this reason I highly recommend using EMS or DHL over standard airmail for shipping. The postal system in China is notoriously erratic, and there’s often lengthy delays around holiday periods. That’s about the only negative thing I have to say about ordering from the The Health Cabin. Orders are processed very promptly and they accept returns. They also offer 3-6 month exclusive warranties on devices.Their support is second to none and their customer service reps speak very good English. Payment options are limited to Paypal, bank wire and Western Union.

It’s generally wiser to stick to Paypal as you have buyer protection for online purchases. You’re not afforded that luxury with alternative payment methods offered by the Health Cabin. If this isn’t possible, I wouldn’t have any qualms about paying them by any other means. They’re a great company to deal with and professional in every aspect.

They stock one of the widest selection of electronic cigarettes and parts. Their range of e-liqiud is limited to brands manufactured in China such as Dekang, Hangsen and Liqua. Their prices are some of the lowest on the internet and free shipping is available on orders over $249.99.

Most of the electronic cigarette industry is based in China, hence why their prices are so low. Up until recently they stocked practically every model and brand. But due to recent price hikes by Joyetech, they’ve ceased re-stocking all Joyetech products. You’ll still find just about everything else.

In addition to competitive pricing, they also provide a points reward system that can knock a few dollars off the cost of your next order. You have the option of saving them up too.

I feel it’s worth mentioning again, if you’re eager to get your package promptly, don’t use standard airmail. I’ve seen postal delays as long as 50 days on one order! Long delays are not uncommon unless you spend extra for shipping via courier.


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