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Halo Online Retail Outlet

Halocigs is the official Halo online retail outlet. You can be assured that all products sold are 100% authentic and genuine. In addition to their entire range of e-liquids, they also stock official Halo electronic cigarette devices, an area they’ve branched out to in more recent times. I’ve yet to test out their range of devices but if the quality of their e-liquid is anything to go by, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

The discount coupon code, “ELIQUIDZ”, will give you a 5% discount off your order. This must be applied prior to confirming your order, within the shopping cart.

If you haven’t tried any Halo e-liquids before I strongly recommend the sample variety pack. This way you can gauge which liquids suit your taste buds best without buying too much of any flavor you may not enjoy.

In terms of price, yes you can freely find cheaper brands of e-liquid on the market. With Halo though you really get what you pay for, premium quality flavors.

Halo e-liquids are all manufactured in the US. Due to this they’re subject US health and pharmaceutical production and safety standards. All ingredients used are USP grade approved, USP is an internationally recognised standard grade for a variety of products and is established in over 130 countries worldwide.

Customer support is very fast, friendly and efficient. Orders are usually processed and dispatched within 24 hours. If you’re in a rush to stock up on more juice, speedier shipping options are available for both US and international orders.

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