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European Parliament Vote – EU Tobacco Directive

EU Tobacco Directive Brussells

Brussels, October 8th, 2013 – E-Cig users across Europe are anxiously awaiting the outcome of the European Parliamentary vote on the EU Tobacco Directive. Voting commences at 12:00 local time, with a press conference due to follow at 14:00.

A recent amendment to the directive effectively gives politicians two options to vote on. The original proposals for crippling medical regulation are still on the table. However there is now a second option (Article 170) to class e-cigs and byproducts as tobacco products.

Neither of the proposed regulatory frameworks is ideal as far as proponents are concerned, the proposals for tobacco regulation would at least ensure that e-cigs would remain on the market, this would leave each State to implement its own taxation policy.

Clive Bates has very eloquently put forward reasoned debate on the matter and he raises some excellent points on why e-cigs should be regulated as recreational consumer products and nothing else.

The debate on various aspects of the EU tobacco directive has been plagued by a campaign of misinformation. Protractors of e-cigs have repeatedly made baseless and false claims with little or no scientific basis to back up their arguments for medical regulation.

Regardless of the outcome of the vote today, the directive must still be approved by the EU council in December, if the worst case scenario transpired today and medical regulation is voted through, there is still hope that the directive could still be stifled.

A number of recent European court rulings have contradicted the proposed medical regulatory framework. This may well leave the entire directive open to a legal challenge in the European courts.

All eyes are on Europe today and the US will be watching very closely as the FDA prepares to introduce its own proposals for regulation. Stay tuned on the Vapour Trail’s live stream.


Proposals for EU medical regulation of #ecigs have been rejected! 362-298 votes. Attempts to to ban flavorings have also been rejected! Common sense has thankfully prevailed today and vapers across Europe are relieved that they will be able to continue to enjoy the freedom to vape. We will post another article shortly on precisely what this vote means for vapers.

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