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E-Liquid Discount Coupon Codes

Keep a close eye on this page for updates on the latest and best exclusive discount coupon codes for e-cig devices and e-liquids. We’ll try and keep you informed by email, facebook and twitter on all the latest and best discounts available. Some of these codes can be re-used multiple times, in other instances they are valid for a limited time only, or they’re only valid for one purchase per customer. We’ll make a note beside each code so there’s no confusion.

US Vendors Halocigs.com

Halocigs.com Discount Code Coupon

Halocigs Coupon Code – ELIQUIDZ – 5% off

All customers are eligible for a 5% discount on halocigs, the discount only applies to product pricing, standard shipping rates apply. To avail of the discount, the code ELIQUIDZ must be applied in the shopping cart, before checking out. Unfortunately this discount coupon code may only be used once per person, fill your boots on your first order if you’re familiar with their flavors.

US Vendors Highbrowvapor.com

Halocigs.com Discount Code Coupon

Highbrow Vapor Discount Code – ELIQUIDZ – 10% off

Customers use this code on every order! The discount doesn’t apply to shipping rates. A tip for international orders. Highbrow charge the same shipping rates for one 30ml bottle as they dp for 8! ( possibly more). To make your order more economical, use the discount code and stock up on your favorite juices. Otherwise the price of shipping will make it very expensive to order a single 30ml bottle. The code is entered on step 2 of 2 during the checkout process.

UK Vendors T-Juice.com


T-Juice Discount Coupn Code – ELIQUIDZ – 20% off

This coupon can be re-used on multiple orders, the discount is only applicable to product pricing, you still need to pay standard shipping rates. Code must be entered at checkout or in the shopping cart before you place your order.

Irish Vendors E-Cigaretteshop.eu

Ezsmoke Discount Coupon Code

E-Cigaretteshop (S&Heaven) Discount Coupon Voucher Code ELIQUIDZ – 5% off

The code for this vendor can be used on any number of orders, in addition they offer loyalty rewards and Irish customers can get free shipping on all orders over €40. Their prices on premium US juices such as Halo and Zeus are some of the best I’ve seen. All their Chinese juices are also very reasonably priced. Their pre-sales and after sales services is excellent. Highly recommended. The discount code can be entered on the first page of the checkout process.

Irish Vendors Ezsmoke.ie

Ezsmoke Discount Coupon Code

Ezsmoke Discount Coupon Code ELIQUIDZ – 5% off

Available for use on multiple orders and discounted items are not excluded. Free local delivery is available on orders over €60. The discount coupon code must be entered from within the shopping cart on the second page when you select your payment method.

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