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E-Liquid Flavourings: Can They Be Hazardous?

E-Liquid Flavourings: Can They Be Hazardous?

E-Liquid Flavourings: Can They Be Hazardous?

There are four basic substances that go into making the e-liquid that is used in e-cigarettes. These ingredients are nicotine, propylene glycol (or vegetable glycerine, depending on the preference of the manufacturers), water and flavourings. When you look at the list of ingredients at the packaging of an e-liquid product, you will notice that the word “flavourings” is usually mentioned at the very end. This gives off the impression to the consumer that the flavouring of the product is the last thing that they should be concerned with. However, anyone who is experience with the use of e-liquids will agree that the flavouring can make a huge different to the quality of the product. In fact, it could be the difference between a premium product and a mediocre product. In certain cases, the safety of the chemicals used in the flavourings can force a product to be pulled off the retail shelves.

Flavourings Can be Dangerous:

There are basically two types of flavourings. The first type is natural and the other one is artificial or synthetic. An e-liquid can exist without any flavour. The flavouring is incorporated into the product in order to make it more palatable and give the inhalers of e-liquid vapour a much more pleasant experience. Although the flavouring is the least prevalent of all the ingredients in a bottle of e-liquid, it can turn out to be the most dangerous one. This is why the consumers of e-liquid products are advised to be slightly more concerned about the kind of flavourings that are being used.

Be On the Lookout for Mediocre E-Liquid Products:

Since the e-cigarette and e-liquid market is growing quite rapidly, there are more and more products that are entering the fray every single day. As a consumer, you cannot expect all the products to be excellent. Some of them will be quite below par, and these are the ones that usually contain questionable chemical substances in their flavourings. The best manufacturers make no compromises with the quality of the flavourings. You could have e-liquids with an outrageous flavouring choice, and yet have no concerns about health hazards as long as you are picking out a premium product made by a state of the art manufacturer. With other products, you need to be a little careful and try to look for ways in which you can spot defects.

How Can Unsafe Chemicals Be Approved by the FDA?

Most of the flavourings that are used in e-liquids do not cause harm and are considered safe by the FDA. However, there are a select few which are exceptions. Manufacturers who are not meticulous about the quality of their e-liquid products will not hesitate to use unsafe flavourings. These manufacturers may claim that the flavourings being used are safe because they are approved by the FDA for use in food. However, these claims are quite misleading. This is because it is one thing for a flavouring to be safe for consumption and entirely different thing for it to be safe for inhalation.

When the FDA approves a particular flavouring for consumption, it does not always conduct tests to assess the risks for inhalation. As the Food and Drug Administration, the organization is not technically obliged to care about the safety concerns of the inhalers of e-liquid vapour. This makes the life of an e-liquid consumer a little bit more difficult. The amount of research in this area has been very little to say the least. Before there are more tests for us to rely on, there will be questions marks over the safety of certain flavourings used in e-liquid products.

How High Are the Health Risks Associated with E-Liquid Flavourings?

Although there is a very small amount of research work that we can cite, there are a few that shed light on the dangers of e-liquid flavourings. A study was conducted by Konstantinos Farsalinos, a cardiologist and a researcher at the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center in Athens, Greece. He is an outspoken proponent of e-liquid inhalation and believes that e-cigarettes have the potential to help smokers alleviate their addiction. In his study, it was proven the risk of dangerous flavouring levels are much lower than what is portrayed in the media.

Even though a considerable number of e-liquid products do contain the potentially harmful chemical, diacetyl, there is no reason for consumers to start panicking. This is because the amount of flavourings used in e-liquids is quite minimal. Thus, the chances of falling ill or suffering lung damage are very low indeed.

Naturally Flavoured E-Liquids:

Keeping harmful flavours away from the consumers is a risk that can be easily avoided in the near future. Currently, a lot of consumers are testing out e-liquid flavourings that are natural and organic. All naturally flavoured e-juices are derived from pure, organic extracts. There is a long way to go as far as finding out the effects of inhaling naturally flavoured e-liquids are concerned. That being said, they are evidently safer than e-liquids with synthetic flavouring.

Regardless of whether you go for e-liquids with synthetic flavours or those with natural flavours, it is important that you always buy from a reputable, recognizable and safe brand.

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