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E-Liquid Consumption Among Teenagers: Is Vaping as Harmful as It Is Portrayed?

E-Liquid Consumption Among Teenagers: Is Vaping as Harmful as It Is Portrayed?

E-Liquid Consumption Among Teenagers: Is Vaping as Harmful as It Is Portrayed?

People become very sceptical about the merits of a smoking product the moment the younger members of the population start using it. Many of us were not bothered to look into the detrimental effects of cigarettes and tobacco until we see children and young teenagers engaging in the act of smoking and becoming nicotine addicts. The same can be said about e-cigarettes. Most people did not side with the critics of e-cigarettes and e-liquids before they got to learn that the youth were taking a keen interest in vaping. A recently published study has given people all the reasons to look at e-liquid vapour inhalation in a different light. According to the study that was published in the journal BioMed Central Public Health, one in five British school students who were surveyed had prior experience of using e-cigarettes.

The Survey in Details:

Claiming that 20% of the school students in the United Kingdom have experimented with e-cigarettes is a really bold statement. News like this often sends out negative vibes about a product and incites mixed reactions from parents. Parents who are into vaping and are supportive of the use of e-cigarettes will not see this as a major problem. On the other hand, parents who are still sceptical about the merits and safety of e-liquid vapour inhalation will be extremely worried after reading about the findings of this study. More than 16,000 minors took part in the survey. All of them were aged between 14 and 17. The entire survey was conducted in only the northwest part of England. Of the 20 percent that was surveyed, more than 75% were active/non-active smokers.

Only 15% of the Young Vapers Had Never Smoked Cigarettes Before:

Not all the data that came out of the survey raised concerns about the safety of vaping or its ability to get people to quit smoking. In fact, a specific part of the survey results got the critics scratching their heads. The survey reveals that only 15% of the teenagers had never smoked regular cigarettes in their lives. This throws question marks over arguments which claim that vaping is luring teenagers into nicotine addiction and causing them to embrace smoking permanently. The critics need to come up with a new theory as to why vaping may compel the younger members of our community to become addicted to traditional smoking.

Are The Teenagers Trying to Quit Smoking?

According to Karen Hughes of the Centre for Public Health at Liverpool’s John Moores University, the study shows that experimentation is the main driving force behind the youth giving e-cigarettes a try. She claims that only a small percentage of the teenagers were trying to quit smoking by using e-cigarettes. Whether her assumptions are correct or not is open to debate. However, it is worth mentioning that most teenagers aged between 14 and 17 are just starting to become fascinated with the use of products such as e-cigarettes, e-liquids and tobacco. Most of them have not yet developed a smoking addiction that is severe enough for them to consider quitting.

There Is No Reason to Link E-Cigarettes with Drugs:

Since most of the teenagers who have used e-cigarettes were only trying to experiment with a new product, parents are concerned that e-cigarettes are the new drugs that teenagers are becoming increasingly curious about. According to Marcos Munafo, who is a professor of biological psychiatry at the Bristol University, it is completely unnecessary to draw up a connection between e-liquid vapour inhalation and substance abuse based on the argument that both activities are spurred by the youthful need to experiment.

Alarmist Ideas Spread by Critics:

The critics of e-cigarettes claim that they are acting in public interest and are trying to look after the health of the teenagers in society. However, what they are basically doing is generating alarmist ideas that are inducing fear in the hearts of parents and guardians. None of the critics have been able to come up with evidence to support their claims that e-liquids are as harmful as illicit drugs. They also have no scientific reasoning to explain how e-liquids pave the path to smoking addiction. Furthermore, the critics conveniently fail to mention the many benefits that both adults and young teenagers can derive from inhaling e-liquid vapour instead of resorting to smoking cigarettes.

Is There a Need for Strict Regulations?

Studies such as the one that was published in the BioMed Public Health journal are needed to understand more about the effects of e-liquid and the popularity of this product in the community. Problems arise when the results of these studies are made public through sensational headlines that mislead people into thinking that vaping is as bad as drug addiction. The actions of teenagers who are simply experimenting with e-cigarettes and other smoking products should not prompt authorities to impose strict regulations on e-liquids and e-cigarettes.

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