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Do Not Let Myths Stop You from Making E-Cigarettes a Part of Your New Year’s Resolution

Do Not Let Myths Stop You from Making E-Cigarettes a Part of Your New Year’s Resolution

Do Not Let Myths Stop You from Making E-Cigarettes a Part of Your New Year’s Resolution

The tail end of a year is the perfect time to contemplate making some major changes in your life. With the New Year just around the corner, people take time off of their busy schedule to reflect back on the year that has just passed them by and to also look forward to the year of promises that is knocking on their door. The final few days of the year is often regarded as the best time to take a good look at your life and evaluate it according to your own terms.

How Can You Make Your Life More Pleasant the Next Year?

There are a lot of questions that need answering before the beginning of the New Year. Are you happy with who you are and where you are? Is there anything more that you can add to your life to make it better? Is there something that you need to get rid off to make your life more pleasant? All of these questions have open ended answers. However, we’ll throw in a few suggestions that you might like to consider. If you are curious about vaping and e-liquids, then you might want to start off the New Year as the latest member of the vaping family. While you are at it, you might also fancy giving up smoking once and for all. But we know what you are thinking right now. As a newcomer in the world of e-liquids and e-cigarettes, your mind must be inundated with tons of concerns, queries and misconceptions that have stopped you from giving e-cigarettes a try all this while.

Do Not Be Misled by the Myths

We understand that e-cigarettes, e-liquids or vaping is a very sensitive (and controversial) topic for a lot of people. There are countless critics of this product and practice, who are finding their voice because of all the poorly conducted studies that are being carried out to reveal the so called detrimental effects of vaping and e-cigarettes. If you are worried about science not being in favour of vaping and e-cigarettes, then there is no reason for you to harbour such apprehensions. The amount of research work that validates the safeness of vaping in comparison to smoking is much greater than the amount of research work which claims that vaping is a potentially dangerous activity. Notice how those researchers keep using the term “potentially dangerous” every time they reveal test results that are meant to vilify e-liquid vapour inhalation. Unlike smoking, vaping has not be proven to be a practice that causes severe short term or long term health complications.

Upon scrutiny and further assessment, most of the tests that are conducted to ruin the reputation of e-cigarettes and e-liquids turn out to be very misleading. The legitimacy of such tests is not in question. Rather, it is the faulty interpretation of test results that makes the people in the vaping community question the motives of the critics of e-liquids. Misconceptions and myths that are generated and propagated by such critics should be debunked and disregarded. In other words, do not let rumours and gossip with little to no scientific basis stop you from having a wonderful year ahead as a vaper.

What Are Some of the Common Misconceptions?

Since there are so many critics of e-liquid vapour inhalation, it comes as no surprise that there is a ton of misconceptions in the air that are holding people back from savouring the delightful experience of vaping.

Same as Smoking

The biggest misconception is that vaping is no healthier than smoking. As mentioned before, almost all the research work that has been conducted on e-liquid vapour inhalation confirms that the act of vaping is nowhere near as hazardous as smoking. If you become a chain smoker, you become highly vulnerable to developing lung cancer at one stage in your life. There are no such risks involved with vaping. Rather, researchers have been able to unearth a number of different benefits of inhaling e-liquid vapour.

Extremely Expensive

The price of e-cigarettes is another thing that the critics constantly bring up when arguing the demerits of the product in an attempt to deflate the spirits of the new vapers. The reason why they do this is because the upfront costs of becoming a vaper are higher than that of becoming a smoker. What the critics conveniently do not mention is the fact that replacing tobacco smoking with e-liquid vapour inhalation can save a person approximately $1,800 per year. That is enough cash to buy two new iPhones. The long term savings that you get to enjoy with e-cigarettes more than makes up for the initial start up cost.

Not for Everybody

You will also come across individuals who will advise you against the use of e-cigarettes simply because of a bitter experience that they had years ago. E-cigarettes and e-liquids are relatively new products that only entered market less than 10 years ago. Perhaps, that friend of yours who talked you out of vaping had gone through an unpleasant experience back during the days when e-cigarette technology had not advanced significantly. Today, e-liquids and e-cigarettes are constantly moving up the ramp of development. With new hardware and e-liquid flavours coming out every now and then, you’d be silly not to giving vaping a try.

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