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3 Methods of Speed Steeping Your E-Liquid


The e-liquid that you have in your possession can be made to taste better through steeping. For those of you who are not familiar with steeping, it is a simple process of extracting more flavour from the e-liquids that you have in your collection. Even though the process is simple, it is quite time consuming to say the least. In fact, steeping is all about taking time. If you steep the e-liquids for a long period of time, you can increase the intensity of the e-liquid flavour and also improve the taste of the product by a country mile. The problem with steeping is that people simply do not have the time to go through the entire process.

Time is very valuable for the modern day urban man. Given the fast paced, contemporary setting that we live in, our brains have become wired to respond to returns on our time. In other words, we will not engage in an activity unless it allows us to make the best use of the time that we have in our hands. When you take return on time into account, steeping does not seem like something that a lot of vapers who are busy with their professional or academic lives would be interested in. At the least, you have to dedicate a few good days of your week to make sure that the steeping has been done right. Since nobody has the time or the patience for that, some of the more innovative members of the vaping community have come up with a solution to this problem. This is where speed steeping comes in as a viable option for the modern consumer.

Speed steeping, unlike steeping, is all about saving your time. There are many ways in which you can speed steep your e-liquids. Three of them are mentioned below. Note that we have not provided any durations with the fast speeding methods. You are free to stop the steeping process at any given time. Keep tasting the e-liquid along as you steep (and by tasting we mean taking a puff), and stop when you feel that you have obtained the flavour that you had wanted all along.

1) The Hot Rice Method

To speed steep your e-liquid in this method, you will require a microwaveable bowl, an ample quantity of dry rice grains to fill up the bowl and a microwave that you can use repeatedly. The first stem is simple. Take all the rice grains you have and transfer them into the bowl that you have on the table. Next, you warm up the rice in the microwave (make sure that you do not burn them). The temperature should be hot, but not skin-melting hot. You need to be able to touch the rice grains. If you heat up the rice grains beyond what’s required, you are going to end up wasting a lot of precious time. Now it is time to allow the steeping to begin. Take your e-liquid bottles and bury them in the rice. The heat inside the rice grains will be transferred to the bottled e-liquid. You can repeat the process as many times as you want, but we suggest you do it no more than two or three times at the most.

2) The Hot Tap Water Method

There are basically two simple things that you will need to speed steep your e-liquid in this method. The first is a waterproof plastic bag. The second object that you will require is a cup or a bowl that is big enough to hold your e-liquid bottles. You begin by letting the water run through the hot tap. Once again, it is important for you to avoid temperatures that are skin-melting. Keep the heat at a reasonable level. If you are having trouble regulating the hot water tap, then you are recommended to use a glass bottle. With the hot water in place, put your e-liquid bottles in the plastic waterproof bag. If you want to make sure that nothing goes wrong, you can double bag them if you want. After you have completed this part of the process successfully, you can proceed to placing the plastic bag with the e-liquid bottles in the cup or the bowl on the table. Your job now is to wait till the water cools down. Repeat the steps till you are satisfied with the taste.

3) The Hot Car Method

This is the simplest method of them all and one that will come in handy during your travels. To pull off this speed steeping process, all you need is a car, a glove box and hot weather. Place your e-liquids inside the glove compartment and keep on driving your car in the sunshine. Take out the e-liquids after about an hour. The idea here is to transfer the heat that the car has absorbed from the sun to the e-liquid inside the bottles. Do not expose the e-liquids directly to the sun, as it can bring about a change in the chemical composition of the product.